[Female_Actress_Portraits] File - ThanksToMembers.txt

Thank you for being a member of the Female Actress and Singer Portraits Yahoo group.

We have other Yahoo groups. If you like this Yahoo group, you may very well be interested in these other similarly run groups.

1) Female Fashion Model Portraits
2) Female Leather Fashion Portraits
3) Kinky Boots
4) New Rock Boots and Shoes

This is a picture group! The basic idea is that I post good-looking actress and lady singer pictures from my collection. If you want to talk about an actress or lady singer in an e-mail, that's OK too.

Please set up your membership so that you will receive the group e-mails with either of this "Message Delivery" setting: Individual emails - Receive individual messages. This way you will get not only all the group e-mails, but all the picture attachments as well.

Please read the group description. Here are the remaining goals for the group, besides sharing nice pictures of actresses and lady singers.

1) I will not OK SPAM or off-topic posts, another reason to receive group e-mails. No advertisements will be approved, and I seldom approve e-mails talking about other web sites. E-mails about other similar Yahoo groups are OK and will be approved.
2) The "Photos" and "Files" sections will not be updated.
3) Yahoo is really fussy about adult-oriented pictures. So I cannot send out any adult pictures.
4) There have been some problems with people sending out e-mails that look like they are from this group or from group members. Please do not open any attachments with filetypes of .EXE, or .ZIP, or .BAT etc.! We only send out .JPG file attachments.

Thanks from DrBeaker2.

To go to the group directly, click on:
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