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A Late Epilogue to an Earlier Post on Greenbergs and Zuckerbergs

Last month, while reacting to a New York Times article, I wrote about the Greenbergs and Zuckerbers dropping out of college and following each other to entrepreneurship.

As I saw it, the story had two morals, not entirely unrelated. One was the corrput culture at Stanford – and, by extension, U.S. universities – which belittled education and encouraged students to drop out in pursuit of the money.

The other was the long-term effect of this phenomenon. I said imagine the kind of citizens the illiterate rich brats would make and the kind of society they would help build using their wealth.

Meanwhile, I had an exchange with a reader who questioned – or rather, wanted more elaboration on – my comments that finance capital shapes people’s conduct.

Here is the follow up to the story from this weekend’s Financial Times, under the heading Rising college drop-outs hope to learn a lesson from Zuckerberg and Gates:Professors at MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley, three universities with a strong traditi…

Natural Language from Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter: Music

Daniel Radcliffe    

Question: You're a major (major =big) music fan, aren't you?
Daniel Radclilffe: ‘Huge’.
Question:  Do you get to go to gigs?  (get to = able to, gigs = musical performances)
Dan: Not as much as I'd like to, but I'm seeing the Chilli Peppers (American music band) in Hyde Park. I'm going to that, very excited, because The Pixies (American music band) are supporting.
Question: So when did you come across The Pixies?
Dan: Um... I'm really ‘into’ films, obviously, as well, and I got Total Film (British Film magazine) and there was a compilation of soundtracks, and "Where is my mind?" was on there, because it's the soundtrack to Fight Club (1999 American film with Bradd Pitt and Edward Norton), and so I went out and bought Death to The Pixies: The Greatest Hits.

Speaking Style Daniel or Dan’s speaking pattern is casual/informal for many reasons but I would like to focus on two expressions.  He uses the word ‘Huge’ in his first answer and us…

Get A Home Loan

Every people wants to have their own home. If you are living in rent then you must have a dream in your eyes to buy a home where you can live with happiness. If you would like to go for home-buying process then keep in your mind that securing a home loan is the most important step.

There are some instructions which you should follow for securing a home loan :

If you want a home loan then firstly you should find a lender. You can take details or referrals from your co-workers, friends and family. If possible then speak with local real estate agents. Internet is the major source of information, so you can take as much as details from Internet.

Its very important to get an estimate of closing costs from the lender you choose. According to the law, the lender is required to give all this statement to you within three days of receiving the loan application. You should also ask from lender about type of loan program, terms, rates and any special information which is involve in your loan prog…

Justin Bieber: Japanese crisis

Justin Bieber These days, natural disasters affect the global community.  It seems a ‘universal culture’ is becoming more of a reality.  In the past 10 years, I have had many friends and family affected by natural disasters. 
When I started learning foreign languages, I was often unsure of what to say in times of difficulty or crisis.  The other day, I was happy to see Justin Bieber expressing his feelings toward Japan.
He uses a common expression to show concern:
“My prayers go out to them (the Japanese people).”                                            Justin Bieber on Twitter
There can be two ideas about the expression: 1.In a religious sense, it means to ask a ‘higher power’ (God) to help the Japanese people. 2.In another sense, it means to hope/wish for something to happen to help the Japanese people. 
However, either ideas show the speaker’s feeling toward a positive outcome to a bad situation. 
The word 'prayer' is the common denominator in expressions of natural English du…

Settle Credit Card Debt

If you are in debt then it would be very much difficult to you come out from this situation. But you have to do some work for become debt free. In this article you will get some points by which you can make you debt free. You can choose the option of credit card debt settlement. In credit card debt settlement, you need to contact creditor or collection agency and negotiate them for settlement of your credit card debt. In this case, creditor or collection agency will accept less than full payment on the debt. For example, if you owe $2000, you might convince the creditor to accept $1000 as payment in full. In credit card debt settlement, you need to give time and patience. If you can do your credit card debt settlement then you can save you thousands of dollars which you can't afford.

These are the following steps by which you can settle your credit card debt :

If you are making payments for your credit card then you should stop it immediately. Because if you are paying credit car…

Natural Language from Sharon Stone: Cosmetics

Sharon Stone

Question:         What are your Dior favorites?
Sharon Stone:  Dior makes the best lip-glosses going.  I'm nuts                            about them, especially the clear one with the silver                            sparkles.
Sharon’s English sounds natural and casual for two reasons: 
1. Her use of ’going’ (Although the use of ‘going” at the end of a sentence is not common in a textbook, it is perfectly natural).  It is easier to understand the idea of ‘going’ if the sentence is lengthened. 
For example, Dior makes the best lip-glosses going in the market.  (going = selling)
‘Going’ has the idea of ‘selling’ in this case.  Sharon has shortened her sentence because the idea is clear to a native speaker.  Also, in a more formal English situation, I wouldn’t use ‘going’.  Instead I would use the direct word ‘selling’.

2.Another reason Sharon’s language feels casual/inform…

Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyle is the most fashionable style with hairs falling down between ears and the chin.

 The style was invented in Paris in 1909 by a famous hair dresser Antonine but was made widely popular in 1920s as a sign of women's liberty. The style has regained popularity and has discovered many versions of the original bob cut. Among all the latest trends in hairstyles bob cut has made a benchmark in the fashion industry. These hairstyles fit just about any face, color and lifestyles, giving a completely new look to the wearer. Traditional, short bob hairstyles comprise of short, sleek and severe cut with hair being cut uniformly. It goes well with any age group, hair type, hair length and facial structure. The most popular bob hairstyles, running the trend of bobs, are inverted bob and angled bob. Inverted bob hairstyles are the most stylish and elegant. It is cut in a manner that hairs are stacked in the back adding volume and texture in the crown. Angled bob hairstyles add dram…

Europeans Not Being Europeans: Now It Is Official

Last year, reading between the lines, I wrote that Europeans will be Europeans no more.

This past Tuesday, the European Commission agreed. Its “reform recommendations” for the 27-member union said pretty much the same thing. The Financial Times succintly capture the spirit of the report under the heading “EU sees vision of new Europe which is rather less European” :
The Europe recommended by the European Commission, the European Union’s executive branch … would look very different to the Europe of only a few years ago.

Pension system would see their retirement ages raised. Long-protected industries would be deregulated. Guaranteed wage increases negotiated long and hard by trade unions would be renegotiated.

In other words, the European economic model or models would look far less European.I have said many times that just about any thing that is coming your way is reported in your local paper. All you need is to pay attention, which includes reading between the lines.

When a Nobel Prize Isn’t Enough

Last October I wrote about the three stooges who were given the Nobel Prize in economics for their “work” on labor and employment.

I did not mention it then, but one of those stooges was an MIT professor by the name of Peter Diamond. Before he became a Nobel laureate, President Obama had nominated him for a seat on the board of governors of the Federal Reserve. But his nomination got bogged down in the senate; for whatever reason, the Republicans, led by Shelby of Alabama, opposed him. This past Sunday, the professor wrote an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times to announce that he was withdrawing; he’d had it with Beltway politics. The title was When a Noble Prize Isn’t Enough. Take that, Southern hicks.

But I say we owe Shelby one. If nothing else, he provoked Diamond to write the Times piece. It is a document that can teach us a lot.

In Peter Diamond, you see, we have a man who has spent his entire adult life studying labor and employment; I traced one of his papers to 1966. He is a ful…

Live Debt Free

Its impossible for a person to live without a credit card. Credit card have become an important part of human being in their daily life and due to misuse of this credit card most of the people trap in credit card debt. If you are in debt then here are some points by which you get relief from your credit card debt.

You have to be serious about your debt and you should think about the ideas by which you can be a debt free person. It might be possible that you think that there are no hope to come out from your debt.But everything is possible, you need to make a strategy to be a debt free person.

You should organize all your debts from smaller to largest. Keep in your mind that your all debts, no matter how large or small. You should pay the minimum amounts on all your debts, excluding the smallest one. Any extra month left over at the end of the month should be added to the smallest amount until it is fully paid. When you will pay the smallest amount then you should go for second smallest…

Forex to Riches?

The rise of Forex (or FX ) systems mean that anyone with a home computer and Internet access can jump into the world of foreign currency exchange.
Forex or FX is the abbreviation for Foreign Exchange Market, the world`s largest market working 24/7 and trading approximately $ 3.9 trillion per day.

Forex systems have allowed regular blue collar workers to trade alongside world mega banks such as JP Morgan and Barclays. These systems were developed by traders and software technicians to allow the exchange of currencies from the comfort of your own home.

The way in which FX systems work is to use your chosen currency to purchase a foreign currency and then sell it on at a profit by studying world markets. Currencies are always traded against each other in pairs such as USD/GDP or EUR/USD. The results are shown in different time frame (selected by the user) candle stick charts.

FX systems use pips to trade. Pips are the smallest percentage at which a currency fluctuates; the more popular the c…