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Finances Involved at the Start of a Business

There are many aspects that you will encounter when starting up a new business, from
needing to get professional indemnity insurance to hiring staff, but all small businesses require personal finances from the owner. The business could be considered as a separate unit, as, mostly likely, the owner is not going to have any source of income in the set-up phase of the business. With this knowledge, there should be an implemented strategy that will cover budgeting for this situation prior to the start-up of the business so that there is a pool of finance that can be used.

An initial step would be to, on a daily basis, keep very close attention to any expenditure for the first few months so that the owner can get a good overview of any expenses. This will then cover any surprises that are unforeseen at the stage in the process. Once this is clear where the money will go, a budget can be created for when your income will be affected. A good idea would then be to pay off any outstanding loa…

Amy Winehouse: Condolences

Amy Winehouse

We are here for a short time on this earth.  So, unfortunately we must sometimes say: “good bye”.  The topic is never easy but here are two common language styles.
Language Style Demi Moore: "Truly sad news about Amy Winehouse. My heart goes out to her family.”
Usher:  "I'm so sad to hear the horrible news of Amy Winehouse's death. I'm so happy I knew you Amy...we'll miss you!!"
The first sentences of Demi and Usher are common expressions for beginning to express sympathy. 
It is truly sad news about Amy Winehouse.
I’m sosad to hear the horrible news of Amy Winehouse’s death. 

The word ‘truly’ can be interchanged with ‘so’.  These words simply emphasize the person’s feeling of sadness.  For example:
I’m truly sad to hear the horrible news of Amy Winehouse’s death. 
However, ‘so’ can’t be interchanged with ‘truly’ despite the same meaning. (Native English speaking patterns can be …

How to get free credit score without credit card

Why would you need to have credit score?
If you want to go anywhere in life, it is important to have a good credit score. A good credit score can help you get a loan for buying a new home or continuing your education. It also can encourage banks to invest in your company when it is time for your small business to start expanding. With good credit scores being so important, many people are afraid to give out their credit card number online. All it would take is for one scammer to get a hold of that precious number and the precious credit score may be ruined forever! So, how do you get your free credit score without giving out your credit card number?

Does every company ask for a Credit card?
Many companies do not do credit scores without a credit card number. This is not because they are planning to charge you, but because the credit card number serves as a personal identification that will help the company find your credit score. Without your credit card number, the company running the c…

The Origin of the [crisis in the] European Union – 2: Where is Europe?

Sometimes you can tell a book by its cover – or what’s written on it.

Early this year, I got the 2011 edition of Best European Fiction. The idea of the best European fiction is inherently idiotic, like the best city, the best university or the best food.

A few stories I read were sophomoric and just plain bad. So out went the book. But I remember the struggle of the editor to define Europe in the introductory chapter; I suppose you have to do it if you are editing a book of European fiction.

He got nowhere. Anyone setting out to define Europe through the commonality of themes in fiction is setting himself up for failure because there is no such commonality.

Europe, first and foremost, is an economic entity and must be understood as such. Even in the midst of an economic crisis which points to that fact – can you imagine a linguistic crisis in Europe, or a moral or cultural crisis? – that obvious fact is overlooked – or not understood at all.

Hegel showed that we think in names. “Given the…

Angelina Jolie: A long-term Relationship Partner

Angelina Jolie

Question: And if you get another love, what will he be like?
Angelina Jolie:  The kind of man I could be with one day would                               have to be an amazing father, a compassionate,                               strong, independent individual. I want somebody                              who demands I be better than what I am today.
                        (*to note: this interview was taken before Brad Pitt became her partner*)
Speaking StyleToday’s theme continues from last week’s Blog about the type of guy or girl we would date; or wouldn’t date.  Last week was about dating preferences.  This week’s language focus is similar but used when we are talking about being with someone more permanently. To refresh your memory here is last week’s conversational speaking pattern:
Avril: Boys with guitarsthey’re really fucking hot.  I could never date a preppy guy. 
Avril gives us her ‘likes’ and…

Compare Equity Release Schemes To Ensure Utmost Benefits

Are you planning for equity release? Do you know about all the schemes properly? Which scheme will suit your financial requirements the most? It will be beneficial for you to compare equity release schemes. It will enable you to understand the pros and cons different equity release schemes. Firstly, do you know how many types of equity release schemes are available?

Lifetime mortgages, Home-reversion plans, Interest-only plans, Shared appreciation mortgages, Home income plan.

To compare equity release schemes, you must know all its spheres properly. Life-time mortgages and home-reversion plans are the most common of all; here I will compare equity releasebased on these two plans.

Income procedure: Both of these plans offer you to enjoy a lump sum and tax-free income. But, home-reversion plans allow you to drawdown smaller amounts as per your requirements. Here, you get the privilege to withdraw smaller amounts according to your needs. But, in lifetime mortgages you cannot apply the sa…

... And Conforms to the Theory

In the same article, there was this:Increasingly, they [HFT firms] are investing in technology that enables them to to try to predict where markets will move. Cameron Smith, general counsel at Quantlab, a proprietary trading firm says: “The reality is you need to have some sort of model that sees something that other don't”.You have heard ad nauseam how technology revolutionized finance. The statement is repeated so often that it is now an article of faith.

But that is getting the cause and effect exactly backwards. It was finance, in the form of speculative capital that, in search of profits, revolutionized technology. I had a front row seat to the revolution in the early 1980s, being paid exorbitant sums to develop trading systems. Cause and effect was there for everyone willing to look.

Capital has no reason to move from one place to another without the possibility of realizing a profit. Long before there was any trading system, there was Western Union. In the U.S., you could sen…

The Contour Becomes Visible ...

I formulated the Theory of Speculative Capital in 1998. An Internet search — I think even Google was around then — registered zero hits for the phrase “speculative capital”. There were several “speculative capital flows”, in which the flows were described as speculative, but nothing for speculative capital as a noun.

The gist of the theory is that speculative capital is a self-destructive force which rises to dominate the financial markets and, in doing so, sows the seeds of their destruction. If you get that, you too, could be a man with a crystal ball.

Like all forces, speculative capital assumes many forms; hedge funds (organizational/legal form), derivatives(functional form) and, lately, capital engaged in high-frequency trading, are its various manifestations.  If you read the 9-part series on the subject, you know how this latest form came about.

Each new form of speculative capital is more aggressive and thus, more intense and extreme than the previous forms. It has to be: with th…

Avril Lavigne: Dating

Question: What type of boys are you into?
Avril Lavigne:  Boys with guitars…they’re really fucking hot. I                            could never date a preppy guy. 
Speaking StyleIn conversation, with friends, the type of person you like to date often occurs.  Guys and girls often spend hours talking about the type of person they like or don’t like.  Today, we will look at how to start talking naturally about dating.
Avril has a young, vibrant style of casual conversation.  In this case, she is asked about the type of guys she likes.  She gives a good strong answer with her ideal type and what she doesn’t like.  In some cultures, we might avoid the part about what we ‘don’t like’ but in English it comes across naturally.
Avril also uses common expressions to make her feelings vibrant or passionate.  Speaking with passion makes people want to listen to you.  Let’s change the question and answer expressions into direct English with the same meanings. 
Question: What type of boys are you &…

The Origin of the [crisis in the] European Union – 1: When Tendency Becomes Actuality

A comprehensive analysis of what is taking place in the EU requires a book-length treatise; a blog is not a suitable venue for it. What is more, in Vol. 4, I discuss the subject in some detail. That is why except for a few relatively short posts here and there, I have not written about the events in Europe. Then, last night I read Serge Halimi’s editorial in the July issue of Le Monde Diplomatique.

Halimi is a journalist in the best sense of the word and a competent writer, as befitting the editor of LMD. Let me quote excerpts from the editorial, but I urge you to read the piece in its entirety here:The economic, and democratic, crisis in Europe raises questions. Why were policies that were bound to fail adopted and applied with exceptional ferocity in Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Greece? Are those responsible for pursuing these policies mad, doubling the dose every time their medicine predictably fails to work? How is it that in a democratic system, the people are forced to accept cut…

Asking For A Lot Of Money

Most people dream of creating a lot of money. The question is: what does it mean?
The truth is that money is very subjective. Certainly billions of pounds is a lot of money, and there are only a handful of billionaires in the world. Millions of pounds – is that a lot? Of total wealth, no; a significant minority of the population are millionaires when considering total assets they leave to their heirs, largely due to the revaluation of real property. However, if one was to make a million pounds a year, that person who would be one of the highest paid in the world.

Personal opinion plays an important role in determining the money a person can expect to make. The reason for this is that the two factors that most affect earnings - level of skill demonstrated, and the payment received by an employer - is highly dependent on the individual. While skill is partly based on individual trust and partially dependent on innate ability, the sum of money that a person requires an employer to give is …

Natural English from Aretha Franklin and Bono: 'Growing Up'

In casual conversation, the simple question: “Where are you from?” often occurs. Let’s take a look at how Bono (Irish musician) and Aretha Franklin (American musician) answer the question.
Question:  “Where are you from?”
Bono: I grew up in a lower-middle-class neighborhood.
Aretha Franklin: I was brought up in Detroit, and most of my                             family's here.
Speaking StylePeople often ask me:  “Which style is better?”
I grew up…         OR I was brought up…
I think if you ask your native speaker friends, they will say they use either style without thinking.  Both answers are natural in a casual/informal conversation.  Also, you can notice that Aretha Franklin shortened her sentence by dropping the object.
I was brought up bymy grandmother in Detroit.  (according to Aretha’s biography)
In conversation you can do this too!
Common MistakeHowever, language learners often want to add an object to the verb ‘grew up’ because the ideas seem similar or interchangeable to the verb…

How To Make Money Online :)

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There are some ways by which you can earn money on Internet and you may not know.

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