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Jensen Ackles          Jared Padalecki


This is always a fun topic and thematically universal to all cultures!  These days you probably can’t find a newspaper, magazine, TV show, or at least one movie a year that has been affected by this theme!  Harry potter, Supernatural, Twilight, Urban Legends, Sanctuary, True Blood, Horror movies involving the supernatural, the list goes on and on! The supernatural theme is universal but the magic, excitement, intrigue, unknown, and the scariness is in the details!  The details are great conversation topics whether talking about yourself, a movie, or a TV Show! And don’t forget, Halloween is this month in North America!
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki of  the TV Show Supernatural  

Question 1: Do you believe in the supernatural? Jensen Ackles Answer 1:I’m not easily …

The Retail POS Industry with a Wide Range of Advancements

In the world of business, the retailing industry is certainly one of the most important platforms that make use of POS terminals. Numerous retail outlets have been set up at various corners of the world and most of them use updated POS systems that make them run their business successfully and maintain professional standards. A retail POS system usually includes an operating system like a computer along with a receipt printer, cash drawer, debit or credit card reader, a barcode scanner and many more.

With the progress of time, the retail outlets have bought newer and better technical gadgets to ensure growth and success in their businesses. There are many retail outlets that have also brought integrated credit card processing system and even signature capture devices. In fact, the typical old retail POS monitors are turning obsolete and therefore giving way to touch-screen monitors. These advanced operating systems have been designed specifically for easy use and can complete tasks muc…

A Rocking Retirement comes with the Best Annuity Rate

If you have been dreaming to lead a happy retirement, you must have been subsequently doing extensive researches for quite some days. Well, if you have not been able to get the right option, annuity can certainly be one. Pensions or stocks and bonds can never assure a peaceful retirement. It’s undeniably true that a retiree needs financial stability to enjoy life till his last breath. Annuity can be a super investment toolin this context. Here the claimant provides a lump sum amount and in return gets a dividend. In order to get the right annuity scheme, it’s important to find the best annuity rates.

Fixed annuity is one of the best ways of providing stable income for retirees. Rather, this financial scheme has been specifically designed for retired individuals where they can enjoy a stable income up to 10 years. Remember, the better the annuity rate, the better the returns. For one who has never dealt with annuities before might get perplexed. Therefore, it’s advisable to talk to a fi…

Will Smith: a father’s influence

Will Smith

Question: Who was a big influence in your life?

Will Smith: My father. When my father got out of the Air Force, he started his own refrigeration business. I might have been 12 and my brother 9 when one day he decided he wanted a new front wall at his shop. He tore the old one down -- it was probably 16 feet high and 40 feet long. And he told us that this was going to be our gig over the summer. We were standing there thinking, there will never, ever, be a wall here again. We went brick by brick for the entire summer and into winter and then back into spring. One day there was a wall there again. I know my dad had been planning this for a long time. He said, "Now, don't you all ever tell me there's something you can't do." And he walked into the shop. The thing I connect to is: I do not have to build a perfect wall today. I just have to lay a perfect brick. Just lay one bri…

Ways To Avoid Having To Pay More Than You Have To For College

The astronomical costs associated with earning your degree have reached unprecedented levels, and it seems to only be worsening. Graduates are leaving with more than a diploma, as skyrocketing student debt follows them as well. Due to the incredibly expensive nature of attending a higher education institution, students are turning to loans, scholarships, grants and anything else that may help lessen the financial burden that plagues nearly every student. Sometimes you just can’t avoid spending a ton of money on school, like when attending one of those fancy law schools in Boston, but you can minimize the amount you spend with these helpful tips.

A great way to save some green on a bachelor’s degree is to head to the Internet and find a reputable online undergraduate degree program. Online degree programs are increasing in popularity due to their decreased costs and increased flexibility. These online programs are incredibly popular because they lend you the flexibility and freedom t…

The Morality of a Liberal

This past Thursday, Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize winning liberal economic columnist of the New York Times, was outraged. He was outraged because he had discovered that the U.S. was losing its moral heading.

The event that set him on the discovery was an exchange about death and freedom during the Republican presidential debate. According to Krugman:
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Representative Ron Paul what we should do if a 30-year-old man who chose not to purchase health insurance suddenly found himself in need of six months of intensive care. Mr. Paul replied, “That’s what freedom is all about — taking your own risks.” Mr. Blitzer pressed him again, asking whether “society should just let him die.”

And the crowd erupted with cheers and shouts of “Yeah!”Krugman singled out Milton Friedman and his Free to Choose TV series for this supposed breakdown of morality and the loss of compassion in the country. (The title of his column was Free to Die. Got it?) He wrote:The incident highlighted som…

Geir Ness: Celebrity Fragrance Designer

Celebrity Fragrance Designer of Laila

GEIR hails from Norway and is recreating the AMERICAN DREAM! Starting in a new country from nothing and now designing Fragrances and Cosmetics.  Success built on freedom, passion, determination, creativity, and guts!  Laila is now popular through out the United States and Europe.  Geir’s product line is now a staple of CELEBRITY SWAG, worn by an A-List HOLLYWOOD Crowd!

Alex Graham - Question: You are an international businessperson and multi-lingual.  Moreover, fluent in English, how did you learn the English language so successfully?  What learning point(s) did you find the most difficult and how did you overcome it (them)?

Geir Ness - Answer: The best way for me to learn the language was to read the newspaper and watch Television. But also we started to learn English at school in 4th grade. Even though that was only a couple of hours a week, it helped when you got out in the big world. The most difficult pronunciation point is w…

Unemployment vs. Inflation: Why Do We Worry Too Much About One, Not Enough About the Other?

Something that's been kicking around my brain for a few months now:

Why do we get so bent out of shape about the threat of inflation? And why don't we get more bent out of shape about the reality of high unemployment?

I find this really, really puzzling. Inflation, it seems to me, is a bookkeeping problem. Unemployment (beyond the minimal frictional level) is a tragedy.

Thought experiment: Prices of all goods and services inflate exactly 10 percent a year, again and again, steady as clockwork. Manufacturers adjust by raising their prices 10 percent annually. Labor demands 10 percent higher wages. Savers and investors build this 10 percent inflation into their "risk-free return" expectations. Social Security checks increase 10 percent a year.

So who gets hurt? Nobody. Psychologically, you may feel dismayed that last year's $2 loaf of bread now costs $2.20, but your wages of $55,000 are $5,000 higher too.

Now try to create a similar thought experiment for 10 percent une…

Forex Currency Pairs for the Novice

If your thinking about Forex trading, it is exciting and can be lucrative, but there are many risks as well as rewards.  Learning the exchange currency market, and gaining the experience for success is the most important factor to succeeding.  It doesn't hurt to understand that you are a beginner and taking it slow should be paramount.

The following should help you understand pairing, with some general guidelines:
The major currency pairs are: EUR/USD – Euro/U.S. DollarGBP/USD – British Pound / U.S. DollarUSD/JPY – U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
These are widely known and traded currencies and provide easy liquidity, to benefit from changes in price, as well as having tight spreads.  The most volatile being the GBP/USD, which gets a higher spread quote from brokers.  
The lists to focus on, as a beginner Forex trader are: Euro (EUR)US Dollar (USDBritish Pound (GBP)Swiss Franc (CHF)Japanese Yen (JPY)Australian Dollar (AUD)Canadian Dollar (CAD) Avoiding currencies that have high spreads (big d…

Natural Language from Dan Radcliffe of Harry Potter: Music

Question: You're a major (major =big) music fan, aren't you?
Daniel Radclilffe: ‘Huge’.
Question:  Do you get to go to gigs?  (get to = able to, gigs = musical performances)
Dan: Not as much as I'd like to, but I'm seeing the Chilli Peppers (American music band) in Hyde Park. I'm going to that, very excited, because The Pixies (American music band) are supporting.
Question: So when did you come across The Pixies?
Dan: Um... I'm really ‘into’ films, obviously, as well, and I got Total Film (British Film magazine) and there was a compilation of soundtracks, and "Where is my mind?" was on there, because it's the soundtrack to Fight Club (1999 American film with Bradd Pitt and Edward Norton), and so I went out and bought Death to The Pixies: The Greatest Hits.

Speaking Style Daniel or Dan’s speaking pattern is casual/informal for many reasons but I would like to focus on two expressions.  He uses the word ‘Huge’ in his first answer and uses the wor…