I-9 Compliance Help – Avoiding the Liabilities with Law

The federal law in recent times has come up with stricter enforcement to The Immigration Reform and Control Act. This strict enforcement ensures that every United States based employer needs to carry out stricter employment eligibility check for each new employee to the organization. The employment eligibility check was always carried through a document referred to as I-9 Form, which now comes with changed policies. Since, mishandling not pertaining to the changed rules can affect your organization poorly, it is essential on your part to seek effective I-9 compliance help for being sure with the employment eligibility check at your organization.

Remember, that the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Labor, and/or the Office of Special Counsel for Unfair Immigration-Related Employment Practice of the Department of Justice can ask any U.S.A based organization to provide the I-9 forms of all employees at any time. Therefore, it is necessary that you run a scrutinized check frequently ensuring that all employees have duly filled and submitted i-9 forms. To carry out the service better, you can consult an attorney for I-9 compliance help to manage the check better. It must be ensured that the forms are error free attached with proper verification certificates.

The 1-9 form that comes categorized in three sections require the employee to attest work eligibility in U.S.A and a review of the employees document verifying his eligibility and identity in its first two sections. The third section is for employees with temporary eligibility. Employers must make it a point to maintain all the duly filed I-9 forms in proper condition for minimum three years since the employment or termination date. Any misgivings in the form or its maintenance can leads to legal proceedings with monetary fines against the employer. Therefore, prevention always stands to be an alternative to cure when it comes to I-9 compliance help.

Employers are always open to liabilities in association with form I-9 and little mistake on the side can lead to great concern. It is better to be late than never.

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