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Lenny Kravitz: His favorites and The Hunger Games

 Grammy Award winner for "Best Male Rock Vocal Performance" four years in a row from 1999 to 2002 LENNY KRAVITZ has been cast in the blockbuster movie ‘THE HUNGER GAMES’! Check out this interview...  Question 1: Do you have a favorite movie, director, and actor?  Or do you have some favorites?
Lenny Kravitz Answer 1: I have favorites.  My favorite movie, if I had to pick one: Manhattan.  I’m a Woody Allen fanatic. My favorite director: Fellini, I’d have to say.  And my favorite actor… That’s a hard one, but I have to say De Niro. Question 2: You don’t do a lot of movies.  What was it about the material and this character that you’re like, “I want to be a part of this.” (this = The Hunger Games)
Lenny Kravitz 2: I didn’t know what it was.  So I read the book and fell in love with the book.  I thought it was great storytelling. 

Language Style This interview has lots of great casual spoken English from the interviewer and Lenny Kravitz: Let’s break it up for practice purposes.  I…

7 Things You Can Do To Cut Your Car Insurance Rates

Everyone wants to save money on auto insurance. Like just about everything else, car insurance prices for many drivers have increased significantly over the past decade, even coverage for safe drivers and for those owning very safe vehicles. And even one at fault accident can results in substantial auto insurance rate increases.
Here are 7 things you can do to cut your car insurance rates:
#1. Insure Multiple Vehicles
Almost every insurance provider offers a substantial discount on an auto policy if more than one vehicle is being protected. Depending on the value of the cars and the make and model of each, liability and collision insurance premiums for each vehicle may be lowered by as much as 10 percent when the owner insures them together.
#2. Insure Multiple Drivers
Most insurance policies are written to cover a specific vehicle rather than an individual. So-called blanket policies cover a driver regardless of the vehicle he or she is operating, but these policies generally cost …

What is your job like at Glee?

Glee is currently a Top Hit TV show in North America.  It is a musical comedy-drama that celebrates human diversity in a high school setting.  Glee has become an award winning TV series in a very short time.  The music from the show has sold over 36 million copies of single releases and more that 11 million albums worldwide.  Glee is also quite popular with big celebrities.  Guest appearances on the Glee show include Ricky Martin and Britney Spears; Tom Hanks is known to enjoy watching the show with his family.  Let’s check out how some of the cast members feel about their work!

What is your job/work like?
Amber Riley (Mercedes):
I love my work.  It is exciting.  I get to dance, I get to act and I get to sing.

Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina): During a typical day, we are juggling shooting scenes, learning dances and recording songs.

Mark Salling (Puck):
The busy days are long like 14 to 16 hour days.  But my work keeps me on my toes.

Natural Speaking Styles A common style in North American culture i…

"The New American Heartthrob" Zac Efron

American actor and singer Zac Efron starred in the hit movies High school Musical, 17 Again, Hairspray, New Year’s Eve, and many more. Zac is quite famous and extremely loved as a celebrity.  Rolling Stone Magazine, called him, "The New American Heartthrob". Let’s find out a bit more about America's newest heartthrob Zac Efron!

Question 1: Are you a gamer? Do you play a lot of video games?
Zac Efron Answer: I play a lot of video games.

Question 2: Are you tech savvy?
Zac: Sorry?
Question: Are you tech savvy?
Zac: Not really. I mean I have an iphone.

Natural English These common questions tend to come up in conversation.  For ‘small talk’, these questions are good and can be asked to anyone.  They are helpful for getting to know someone. 
Question 1: Are you a gamer?
Question 1: Do you play a lot of video games? 
The interviewer asks both of these questions at once because she has a short time.  The interviewer doesn’t wait to hear the answer to the first question.  Instead she…

Make sure your Staff are protected

If you expect your staff to work hard for the company you should give them the reassurance to work in safety.
Your staff are your biggest asset – employ the best staff and your business will thrive. After all, good customer service, operational staff and management will help to drive the business  forwards and to bring in new work. If you put your faith in your staff and expect them to deliver then it’s only fair that they should be able to work in a safe and secure environment. They should be confident with any equipment that they are using and feel safe in the offices and buildings where they carry out their duties.
Your choice of construction insurance will have a large part to play in their safety and security. A good policy will ensure that everyone is covered for every work-related eventuality and you can work safe in the knowledge that your team is protected. However, if you haven’t checked out your construction or warehouse insurance policy for a while, you can’t guarantee that …

Death Race 2

stills from the movie.

Dream Aria: Music for the Soul

Rich, Intense, Dramatic! Music that fulfills! Dream Aria is on top of the music charts!  
A unique dream-scape of musical genres, compelling lyrics, and deep harmony passages.  Dream Aria is a unique visionary musical quest to tantalize listeners.  

‘No rules, No boundaries” Let’s enjoy the experience of an 'inside interview' with a Legendary group known as Dream Aria...
Dream Aria Interview

Alex Question 1:  Can you describe your genre of music and what it means to you?
Our music is an eclectic blend of progressive rock, world music, ambient and Goth. Personally, the music we create together means everything to me. The creative process is magical for me and probably for the rest of the band as well. We write from the heart with no rules/boundaries or "cut and paste" processes. We don't even use computers! It's not about the power of the gear for us, it's about the music and the true heart and soul that goes with it.

2.Often musicians and writers have a theme(…

Must Read: A Smart Takedown of Economist's Cheerleading on Financial Innovation

Recently the Economist had a terrible report on the benefits of financial innovation. I read only part of it, but the jejune, spirited prose suggested an earnest college student who has discovered all he thinks he needs to know about the free market and economics via a couple of high-level courses.

I was pleased afterwards to read this smart, extremely thorough takedown by frequent guest poster at Naked Capitalism, Satyajit Das. It's a great piece (though has Das's singular failing -- he can't write a shopping list in less than 500 words ;)). Everyone should read Das on financial "innovation" to learn how the Economist comes up woefully, naively short in its analysis.

A few highlights I plucked out are below.

First, Das has a terrific section on risk transference (my bold):
Securitisation for the last 15-20 years entailed shifting assets from banks to structure[s] which reduced the amount of capital required, arbitraging regulatory capital requirements.

If a bank alre…

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