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Katy Perry’s Musical Influences

Interviewer’s Question:  I’m sure people ask you all the time if you were influenced by Madonna, but what kind of music did you listen to when you were younger?
Katy Perry”s Answer:My mom would let me listen to, like, Billie Holiday and Etta James and really classic stuff like that. My mom speaks fluent French, so she was also really into Édith Piaf, which she turned me on to—although, I guess she didn’t really look into the lyrics. [laughs].  But as I started to hear different kinds of music, my world got bigger. I got a record by Queen, which was so influential for me. I got all the Beatles’ records, like the “white” album [1968], which was really important to me along with Pet Sounds [1966] by the Beach Boys. Those two records were the only things I listened to for probably two years straight. Then I discovered Patty Griffin, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Jonatha Brooke—a little bit of the Lilith Fair–esque stuff. And then I got into more electronic music. But I’m just open to everyth…

The Confessing celebrity Botox injections

Botox is a drug that is injected into facial skin to remove wrinkles and make the face look younger. First, many people do not admit that they did this a beauty treatment techniques. But now more and more are not shy anymore. Celebrity-celebrity following example.

JennyMcCarthy(40years) FormerPlayboy modelJennyMcCarthy hasadmitted to usingbotoxeverytwomonths."Iaskedmy doctortoinject alittle onmy foreheadwrinkles.That'sa little secrettomy beauty."

JennieGarth(40years) The formerstar of "BeverlyHills 90210"was admittedtoPeople magazinein 2008,"Iuse itbutjusta little bit.I do not wantmy faceto bechanged."

JaniceDickenson(57years) The formersupermodelwas admittedas one of thefirstusersof botox."Since the beginning ofits launch,Iwasdirectlyin line.Iuse iteverysixmonths.If thatmakes me lookyounger,Iwouldlive forbotox,"JanicetoldPeople magazinein 2004.

SharonOsbourne(60years) SharonOsbourneis oneofthe earlycelebrity whoneverhidthe factthatsheusesBotox.…

Eternal Mode Hair

Can not be denied, the development of hair fashion so quickly. But from so much that we've seen, these modes remain, even since the 18th century and still be an inspiration for women today.

Bangs,hairstyleoriginated from thephenomenalBettiePageinthe 50'sthatthenspread throughout theworld.Variantsof thishairwas nowmixed.

Bob,thispiecebegins witha shorthairphenomenathatmanywomenchooseEurope.Popularin Americaaround the early20's andled to controversyas theidentity of thewomanat the time.Currentlybobhair fashionthatismost preferredbecauseof its simplicitydoes notlettheelegantand classic.

Beehive,adapting theform ofabeehiveonthe back-volume,hair fashionhas grownsincethe 60'swithAudreyHepburnas atrendsetter.Until now,the haircutis consideredas oneof the mostenduringin the world.

Perm,a radical version ofthe hairyousee onAmericantelevision showsof the 80s.Now thedevelopment,permhairmodelcan beapplied withless frequentwaves.Not ascurlyfirst.

Pixie,oftendiasosikanas thetomboyishpiec…

Beauty and intelligence are Parallel

Lined a scholarship at the prestigious American universities, Ivy League, scholarly journals and writes the best thesis, and believe in the passion for selecting a preferred career. This is the celebrity that you've been familiar on the big screen, television, and radio but have achievement and intelligence above average. Be prepared to be inspired to exude charm on you.

JodieFosteris knownbya myriad ofaccomplishmentsinthe field offilmssince 1988.Academicachievement in the fieldwas no lessimpressive.Hegraduatedmagna cum laudeatYaleUniversityforpenjurusanliterature.In addition tospeakingfluentFrench,he used tospeak ItalianandGerman.Hadalsoreceived hishonoraryDoctorof FineArtsin 1994.

SharonStone.since childhoodhas atremendousachievementin addition toappearanceson the big screenfascinated him.In themiddle class,hehadfollowed theSaegertownHighSchoolandentered theEdinboroUniversity ofPennsylvaniaat theage of 15.Withhis IQis inthe numbers148,Sharonmanyassociationsof peoplealleged to beme…

Zooey Deschanel and her Vintage Appearance

New Girl in the series and his appearance as the lead singer of indie folk group She and Him, Zooey Deschanel was the inspiration for those who want to experiment fashion back to the 60's and geeky-look. Outside the world of television, he does like to collect vintage clothing and clever memadumadan but still look new. Find out how to appear "effortlessly cool" style of Zooey to exude charm you.

Tips for Choosing Match Face Shape Earrings

Tips for Choosing Match Face Shape Earrings

Despite its small, the use of earrings that are close to the face can have a major influence. Error using this type of earrings can make the face look wider or disproportionate. What kind of earrings to match your face?

Is your face round? Box? Or oval? Earrings what suits your face type? Consider the following guidelines in this gallery.

Round Face: If the width and length of your face about the same, meaning you are the owner of a round face like Cameron Diaz. Long earrings that narrowed at the bottom of the suit worn for special occasions. Earrings of this type could create the impression of the face is longer and slimmer. Avoid hoop (hoop earrings), which is too small earrings or earrings are made from thick to make the face look more solid.

Cameron Diaz

Heart Faces: For daily activities, the owner of this face shape can choose earrings shaped like a grain that is used Scarlett Johansson, or the width of the triangle on the bottom. Avoid e…