Forgetting Sarah marshall [stills]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall stills.

Mila Kunis is really pretty. prettier than that Sarah Marshall. and i find Russell Brand's accent really adorable!

Mila Kunis would've been prettier if she aint taking her clothes off in movies.

ya know, beauty + self respect = beauty x 10. swear. i dont know if i have the same mentality with guys out there. (im not a guy).

like in Anne Hathaway's case. i've always thought of her as a Hollywooder with wholesome image. but when i've watched Love and Other Drugs, she turned me off.

well, not-taking-your-clothes-off is rare in Hollywood. but, i mean, the whole nude thang. swimsuits, still okay. but being bare, without any piece of fabric on? gosh.

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