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Rhetoric of the Ridiculous

Did you happen to see this recent dramatic quote:
We are in a POW camp, trying to survive.That's Christopher Donahue, chief executive officer of Federated Investors Inc., whose firm has most of its assets in money market funds.

So who has taken Donahue prisoner? The Afghans? Syrians? Iraqis? How did he smuggle out this message, past his captors? Who else is trapped in the camp? How long have they been held against their will? Why doesn't the U.S. --

Oh right. He's just straining for a metaphor.

Well, at least it's a richly deserved metaphor, yeah?

Judge for yourself.

Here's the context: SEC chairman Mary Schapiro believes that, in an effort to rein in the systemic risks of shadow banking, money market funds should declare a floating NAV (net asset value). That would replace the current fake $1 a share NAV that leads a dumb schmuck investor to believe the funds are invested in fairy tale assets that can never go down in price. Alternatively, the money market funds could h…

Is It Smarter To Lease Or Buy Your Next Car?

We’ve all heard the terms ‘lease’ versus ‘buy’ in regards to automobiles. So when we start that dreaded car shopping experience we brace ourselves for the onslaught of terms, like financing and payment options, lease or purchase, sinuously spewing from the mouth of that overly-eager car salesman. Don’t get caught under his nebulous spell. If you do your homework before stepping foot into that car showroom, then you can feel confident in your decision making processes. Just in case you don’t know the differences or are unsure about what might work best for you long term, let’s explore the two options and weigh the good versus the bad.

Lease or buy that shiny new car?
Auto leases: Well, we’ve all heard that adage: That car you just bought began to depreciate the very second drove it off the lot. But you fooled all those naysayers, you didn’t buy the car, you’re leasing. What does this mean exactly? Well, first of all, you don’t have a lot of extra cash sitting around so leasing he…

4 Ways to Finance a New Franchise Business

Many entrepreneurs and businessmen invest in franchises as doing so is a proven-effective way to generate profits. If you intend to share a business’ best and lucrative practices and you want to be in that business yourself but not on your own, buying a franchise will be advisable.
Franchisors (businesses that own and sell franchises) welcome franchise buyers into their teams. They are dedicated to franchisers’ success since they can succeed as well when the franchise owners succeed. If you invest in a new franchise, you can expect guidance from the franchisor if you need expertise regarding finances and operations.
Franchise systems use proprietary tools along with effective systems to make use of time-tested business techniques. The goal is to achieve positive and ideal financial results. It is also advantageous that you will not have to invest money and effort anymore to building a brand of business. Through investing in a franchise, you will be authorised to perpetuate or operate a …

Trying to escape the unemployment trap?

Blogger Amy :) 
According to a study by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) the number of permanent jobs fell for the first time in 6 months in June 2012 so for those who are unemployed or just left university, the prospects don’t look rosy.
Unemployment is set to increase as a new wave of graduates are set to enter the labour market over the summer. If this trend continues there is a danger that unemployment could hit 3 million in the not too far distant future, so what options are available?
Why are Payday Loan Affiliate Programs a good option for the unemployed?
There is the option of tedious days, trailing the Internet for jobs, writing applications, altering your CV only for it all to be fruitless or you could take control. Payday loan affiliate programs are a fantastic way to make money from home and if a pinch of dedication and enthusiasm is thrown into the mix they can be extremely profitable.
You can be up and running in no time meaning you can start making money im…