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Celebrity & Healthy Lifestyle Consultant SASHA!

Highly sought after ‘Healthy Lifestyle Guru Christopher Sasha’ is transforming and inspiring Billionaires, CEO’s, Celebrities, and people across North America.   With a chiseled physique of Adonis coupled with an extraordinary personality, this brilliant and tremendously focused author is destined to become a household name within the next few years. 
Interview Alex: Can you please tell us about yourself? Sasha: I’m Christopher Sasha, the leading healthy lifestyle consultant to Chicago’s CEOs, celebrities, and billionaires. I’ve been a healthy lifestyle consultant for over 14 years. Somehow, I earned a finance degree from prestigious DePaul University ready to conquer the financial world only to land in the health and fitness arena. I was fully armed with the financial knowledge needed to make a splash in the trading markets yet my heart didn’t accept my career decision. For some reason I kept straying from the financial industry into the fitness industry.
Alex: What sparked your interes…

Funny pair



HAHA! sabi ko tungkol sa "Cyber Crime Prevention Act" ang isusulat ko sa editorial section ng aming school paper. si Sotto-copy pa pala ang author nito. kapal muks din sia a. gumagawa ata siya ng weapon against himself. or baka weapon to save himself!

pero napagtanto ko na hindi ako karapatdapat magsulat ng isang artikulo tungkol dito. kasi, minsan, naging isang Cyber Criminal din ako.

highschool. 4th year na ako. muntik na akong naharap sa korte. 15 years old, ipakukulong na. umabot sa muntikang demandahan. meron nang atorni. pero muntik lang naman. haha!

kaya naman napag-isip isip ko. sayang. kay gandang topic pa naman sana. kaya naisip ko, magsusulat na lamang ako tungkol sa Kotong Cops. haha!

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Explaining budgeting to kids - how to make sure your kids are wise about money
Even if you don’t want to admit it, money makes the world go round and learning about money from a young age can help to make you money-smart in the future. If you’ve got kids it will be worthwhile sitting them down to discuss the finer points of money to them, especially budgeting, as this is one thing that they’ll be able to use in later life to
ward off money troubles.
So, here are a few ways you can teach your kids all about budgeting:
1)The pocket money method If you give your kids pocket money you should ask them to pick out a toy or some other item that they’d like you to buy for them. Then, once they’ve made their decision, tell them that they’ll be buying the toy, but in a couple of weeks. Explain that, for the next few weeks, you’d like them to save up their pocket money so that they can buy the toy.

You can then design a colourful savings plan with your child – get some paper, crayons, pencils and fel…

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i dont know.

i think i've gone mad.
the past days, i've changed. i can't sleep.
i go to sleep too late (12mn-1am) and wake up too early (4-5am).
i used to eat during breaks. spaghetti. rice. banana cue. i used to eat two rice servings during lunch.
i used to have midnight snacks.
but i dont know why. i just lost the appetite.
i cant get him out of my head. it's like, he's a part of my brain's anatomy.
tachycardia happens in certain instances. but my heart beats really fast 24/7, seriously. i feel like im nervous everytime.
i dont know why.

Tips on How to Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit

Bad credit means you can’t get any financial help from any financial institution like banks as almost each and every financial body considers your credit score to see if you are capable of repayment or not. A bad credit is a black mark on your credit report when you have bankruptcy, late payment, insolvency, missing payments and so on. To rebuild your credit score, credit cards can be a good way if you make monthly payments on time but if you, for whatever reason, lack the funds to make payments it will affect your credit score badly. So to make payments on time opt for short term loans known as a payday loans which don’t have any effect on your credit report.

Using credit cards for improving credit score is good option, here are some tips to get a credit card approval with bad credit and to use them effectively:
Approach your bank:
You have more of a chance to get a credit card from your bank as they know how much money goes in and out from your account every month. They may also consid…

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The Smartest Paper Ever From a Regulator

In case you missed it, Andrew Haldane's "The Dog and the Frisbee," the paper he recently presented at Jackson Hole, was brilliant.

According to the understated prose of the Bank of England, the paper by the Bank of England's head of financial stability "explores why the type of complex financial regulation developed over recent decades may be sub-optimal for crisis control."

In other words, fighting complexity with complexity is aprescription for failure. The financial system has evolved into mind-numbing complexity, partly in attempts to creatively evade letter-of-the-law regulatory regimes.

Regulators will always be outgunned, if they choose to do battle on this field. The banks have the intellectual firepower, the sheer manpower, the profit incentives -- basically, everything in their favor -- to keep running circles around hapless regulatory officials.

So Haldane (my bold):
...calls for a fresh approach to financial supervision, one which is less rules-focus…

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Johnny Depp in 1984

A Nightmare On Elm Street 1984
I watched this movies because 1. I want to compare the original with the remake, 2. I love old movies, especially ones with remakes, 3. It has Johnny Depp in it. A Nightmare On Elm Street was his first movie ever, and he was 21 then.
Johnny is one of my favorite actors, along with Nicholas Cage and Tom Hanks.
Well, thanks to Nicholas Cage, he encouraged him to pursue being an actor.

it's been a while.

i cant believe it. my last post was on may 17th, 2012. guess i've been very busy these past months.

we had a bet, i, karen and vielle, that we'd lose 2 kilograms by august 17. but it was forfeited because none of us lost even 500 grams!

and our exams were really difficult. i have to do good because i have a line of 7.

God be with you always, that's all. see you real soon, blog.

$363M for State Highway Projects

US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced recently that the agency would transfer about $363 million worth of funds towards state highway projects. The funds would be used to support a wide array of highway improvements as it relates to interstate rehabilitation and reconstruction, as well as technologies. These new improvements and innovations are to elevate safety standards and reduce traffic congestion, which appears to be the biggest nuisance of roadway travel.

The Transportation agency believes this to be a worthwhile investment that will continue to make roadway travel advantageous for commuting and transporting. Beyond that, the federal agency believes this would be a great way to generate additional jobs for the public. Secretary LaHood states that “investments in transportation projects like these create jobs right away in communities across the country, and lay a foundation for future economic growth,” which is completely true. 
The unemployment rate has remained rather…