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Highly sought after ‘Healthy Lifestyle Guru Christopher Sasha’ is transforming and inspiring Billionaires, CEO’s, Celebrities, and people across North America.   With a chiseled physique of Adonis coupled with an extraordinary personality, this brilliant and tremendously focused author is destined to become a household name within the next few years. 

Alex: Can you please tell us about yourself?
Sasha: I’m Christopher Sasha, the leading healthy lifestyle consultant to Chicago’s CEOs, celebrities, and billionaires. I’ve been a healthy lifestyle consultant for over 14 years. Somehow, I earned a finance degree from prestigious DePaul University ready to conquer the financial world only to land in the health and fitness arena. I was fully armed with the financial knowledge needed to make a splash in the trading markets yet my heart didn’t accept my career decision. For some reason I kept straying from the financial industry into the fitness industry.

Alex: What sparked your interest in health and fitness?
Sasha: It wasn’t so much the health and fitness career opportunities that sparked my interest. I lived a few of my adolescent years in a housing project where I would get beat up almost every day because I was small and weak. I started working out and used “strength” that I attained from the gym to help better my situation with the neighborhood bullies. My nascent interest in health and fitness was only to build a facade to protect myself. And as I transformed my physique, other gym-goers would pepper me with health questions like what they should eat or what the best abdominal exercise is to get a set of six-pack abs. I began to understand that I wasn’t just answering peoples’ questions – I was helping them overpower their individual demons. Most of us don’t have to become more fit to protect ourselves from pernicious bullies. Through the years I’ve learned that there are a plethora of reasons why people want to be more fit. I became aware that I was helping people with my knowledge, which gave me a tremendous sense of gratification, leading me to delve deeper into health concerns. And this yearning I have to help others eventually brought me on the path to publish my book, Transforming Your Lifestyle One Belief at a Time.

Alex: What are the benefits of working with a fitness trainer?
Sasha: The benefits of working with a fitness trainer are as unique as the individual fitness trainer. Each trainer should know the basics of physiology and kinesiology. But once you get past the basic education of a fitness trainer, each trainer’s style is very diverse. The advantages of a fitness trainer vary from being taught how to perform each exercise with proper form so you don’t hurt yourself to reaching personal health goals quicker to accountability, and many times a confidant.

Alex: What is the biggest misconception about health and fitness that you hear from beginners?
Sasha: I’ve heard scores of health and fitness misconceptions over the years but the one that pops up over and over again is that dietary fat consumption makes us fat. It’s true that an overabundance of dietary fat can make us fat; but so can too many carbohydrates or proteins. Fat per se does not make us fat. This is a misconception that was reinforced by the media when low-fat diets were the craze in the 1970s. Our current obesity epidemic isn’t from eating fat. America is the 7th wealthiest country in the world and the 3rd fattest country in the world. We are the leaders in fast food, processed food, manufacturers of high fructose corn syrup, and the list goes on. And these are major culprits that can lead to obesity. Learning how to eat properly (including fat) and moving your body will drastically reduce body fat and improve your health.

Alex: What are some of the more popular training styles you implement?
Sasha: My training style is more on the body building side. This is the foundation that I build on to create each individual’s exercise program. I mostly use a method called periodization which forces the body to use both types of muscle fibers (slow- and fast-twitch fibers), all three types of contractions (isolation, concentric, and eccentric), and giving the body the appropriate amount of rest so it can do what it does best – recuperate and grow stronger. But I also use strategies to help slow down the aging process and enhance energy levels. One of my clients, for instance, found that his testosterone levels were too low, which was contributing to his lethargy and muscle loss, resulting in weight gain! I decided to increase the intensity level and shorten the rest periods between exercises. By doing this, the body will naturally boost its testosterone levels, increase human growth hormone production, burn body fat, and increase muscle mitochondria. All of these factors will increase energy levels and help slow the aging process.

Alex: You are a favorite trainer and coach to celebrities and the corporate elite, what is it that keeps them coming back and recommending you to their friends?
Sasha: It isn’t just one thing that makes me a favorite lifestyle consultant to my veritable Who’s Who list of clients. It’s a collaboration of my scholastic and personal knowledge, practicing what I preach, inspiration, eagerness to take things to a higher level, continuation of learning more about health and fitness because I know the human body is a systemic machine – everything is intertwined and no knowledge about nutrition, supplements, sleep patterns, exercise programs, hormones, or personal beliefs about our environments are trivial. I’m willing to do things that others are not willing to do. For example, one of my clients was prediabetic and worried about becoming a full-blown type II diabetic. He heard that most of diabetes can be reversed without medication and asked me to find a program that will reverse his condition. I read about 10 books on reversing diabetes, created a program, worked the program with him, and reversed his prediabetes to normal blood sugar levels. I add as much value as I can for my clients, whereas most fitness trainers consider their job to spend one hour with their client, and that’s it. I know that I’m a replaceable commodity so I do more than my competitors, which has separated me from the mass of fitness trainers that have deluged the market since the economy has tanked.

Alex: You are a big supporter of charities for kids and the homeless, what made you select these particular charities?
Sasha: Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders. You never know what insecure, low self-esteem child will blossom into a leader in his/her industry if the right guidance is provided. I had dangerously low self-esteem, no confidence, and no self-respect growing up. At age eight, I was bounced from foster home to foster home for a few years when my mother died. I later moved into a housing project with my brother and sisters and abusive, alcoholic father only to be kicked out of his house when I was 13 years old - and I was uneducated. It was a long, arduous journey with many encouraging people that helped me transform my life from being broke and in jail almost every week to a well educated leader in the health and fitness industry. I was blessed to have met so many incredible people who cared and wanted to help me succeed. As I’m living proof that people can change if given the right opportunities, I want to do what I can to help others that come from my same background become successful, happy people.

Alex: What can we look forward to from Sasha in the next few months?
Sasha: Diabetes is a chronic disease that kills hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, with the death toll exponentially increasing every year. And it’s not just America – it’s worldwide, including Great Britain and India. Diabetes is a disease that can be cured without medication 95% of the time. It’s a matter of educating the general population about proper nutrition (and what foods are killing us) and encouraging people to put their bodies in motion. I’m currently testing a program that I put together to help reverse prediabetes and type II diabetes. I have already proven that my program can reverse prediabetes with one of my clients. His A1C result was 6.2. An A1C is a blood test used to determine if an individual has prediabetes or type II diabetes. Generally, a person is diagnosed with type II diabetes when two consecutive A1C test results are 6.5 or above. My client received his latest A1C test reading at 5.6 a few weeks ago, which is in a normal range. Now I’m eager to prove that my 3-month program can get type II diabetics off Metformin (Glucophage), which is the first medication doctors prescribe to type II diabetics to help control their blood sugar levels. If any reader has been diagnosed with type II diabetes, and on Metformin (Glucophage), please contact me.

Alex: If people want more information about any of the topics or answers above, what is the best way to connect with you?
Sasha: Anyone interested in more information can connect with me via:
Christopher Sasha's latest Health and Fitness book!
Alex: Christopher Sasha, Thank you for the interview and all the great information on Health & Fitness! I wish you well.

Sasha: Alex, Thank you so much for this chance to interview with you.

Again, thank you!

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