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Top Questions for Your Life Insurance Agent

Many people would assume that looking into buying life insurance is something that is done once a person has reached a certain age group, like senior citizens. However, anyone really can buy a life insurance plan at any age as an adult. Some people ask why they would need it if they are in good health. Others have whole hosts of other questions. Life insurance is always good to have, because if all conditions are met, it basically acts as a benefit to surviving family members.
An agent consults with people and often has the answers to most questions that people ask about potential coverage and costs. What follows are some of the top things you should ask your life insurance agent about.
How much coverage is needed?
This is one of the first questions asked and it is a very good one. How much coverage a person gets will determine the premiums. The premiums are what are paid every month to keep the policy in effect until the person's life has come to an end. Normally the amount of cover…

Do you have what it takes to be James Bond?

The latest release of Skyfall marked the 50th anniversary of the James Bond 007 film franchise.  Currently Daniel Craig is starring as the legendary 007 British Spy.  Adventure, intrigue, cars, women/men, futuristic gadgets, “saving the world” are all part of the James Bond "cloak and dagger lifestyle".
This week I started to wonder what it takes to be a real spy. So in the tradition of James Bond I based this Celebrity English feature on a mixture of MI5 and MI6 security services.    Here are some of the highlights I found.
Eligibility Need to be a British citizen of the home country; however there are some exceptions. 21 years old (+). Able to pass a high Security Clearance. Pass the medical test; physical and mental.
Personal Attributes Personal Integrity Working with Others / Teamwork Planning and Organizing Analysis and Problem Solving Leading and Decision-Making Communicating Innovative Strong Desire to make a difference in the world!

Recruiting Areas “The roles for which we recruit fal…

Get Your Shop On! Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Fridayis coming this week on Friday Nov. 23!
What is it? -Prices will be slashed and bargain shoppers will be lining up early at their favorite stores.  Even celebrities like to shop for a deal!
When is it? -This American shopping tradition occurs the Day After Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November).  Not an official holiday but treated like one unless you work in retail. -Generally 5am start time is pretty standard but some stores will open earlier or even be open all night from Thanks Giving Eve. Check the company's website for times. 
Where is it? -Everywhere in America and catching on in other countries. -At your favorite shopping store and at their website.
Who will be there? -Friends, Family, Everyone!  One of the busiest shopping days of the year in the United States. Expect long line-ups and chaos as people rush to get the best deals!
Why is it called Black Friday? Black Friday – 2 ideas: (1)Originally a slang idea/expression coming out of Philadelphia, USA:  Black Friday was …

Why You Should Invest In Food Storage

As today's economy grows more uncertain, and the planet continues to change, we have less certainty about our existence. Without considering the 2012 end-of-the-world predictions, just looking at the natural disasters occurring in the world today it becomes evident that storing some food is a good idea. After all investing in food storage now can mean survival tomorrow.

In the last few years we have seen tragedies like the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the Tōhoku earthquake that caused the tsunami in Japan last year, and the 2012 tornados that ravaged the Midwest. These events are nothing new they have been happening for thousands of years. The only change is how we as people acquire our food. We largely rely on supermarket chains and refrigeration to keep our food supply full and fresh. On top of that, over half of the foods we eat rely on some type of electricity to prevent spoilage and the rest is subject to time.
Not so long ago we stocked our cupboards with non-perishable foods tha…

K’Sandra Skyrocketing to the Top!

K’Sandra, the highly acclaimed Dance/Electronica music dynamo is skyrocketing up the charts!!
Dance Artist of the Year with the album “Light 'n' Dark”!The song ‘Push the Girl’ on MTV! A gig at the upcoming Sundance Festival! A hot new double-CD on the way - "Even Lighter - Even Darker"!
K’Sandra is Sensational, Hot, Sizzling, Electrifying, Dance Making & Boundary Shaking!  With an energetic sound synced with a primal baseline, K’Sandra is a DJ favorite. K’Sandra is PUSHING to the TOP!  This Talented Musician & Passionate Lady will not be stopped!
Let’s get an insider’s look at the Lady behind the music!

Interview Alex: How long have you been in the music business and what got you started?
K’Sandra: Been doing music since first grade and it has been always part of my life, no matter in which stage of life I was it is a part of me. Actively being in the music business I would say I started the real business side of it just maybe 7 years ago with every step of the …

Australian Judge Sees the Light, Rules Against S&P

Felix Salmon has a good post saluting Jayne Jagot. The Australian judge (color me amazed) actually took the time to understand what was going on with CPDO securitizations that Standard & Poor's rated AAA and that later tanked. Once she did, she was a bit horrified, one gathers. She ruled that S&P must pay damages to the suckers investors that believed its ratings were professionally derived in good faith.

Here's the "why it matters":
The coverage of the decision (Quartz, FT, WSJ, Bloomberg, Reuters) concentrates, as it should, on the hugely important precedent being set here: that a ratings agency — in this case, S&P — is being found liable for losses that an investor suffered after trusting that agency.Jagot found that S&P wasn't even "reasonably competent" (actually, the insinuation is they were grossly incompetent). Her decision spans a numbing 635,000 words (context: an average longish novel runs about 100,000).

The upshot: S&P neve…