Why You Should Invest In Food Storage

As today's economy grows more uncertain, and the planet continues to change, we have less certainty about our existence. Without considering the 2012 end-of-the-world predictions, just looking at the natural disasters occurring in the world today it becomes evident that storing some food is a good idea. After all investing in food storage now can mean survival tomorrow.

In the last few years we have seen tragedies like the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the Tōhoku earthquake that caused the tsunami in Japan last year, and the 2012 tornados that ravaged the Midwest. These events are nothing new they have been happening for thousands of years. The only change is how we as people acquire our food. We largely rely on supermarket chains and refrigeration to keep our food supply full and fresh. On top of that, over half of the foods we eat rely on some type of electricity to prevent spoilage and the rest is subject to time.

Not so long ago we stocked our cupboards with non-perishable foods that could supplement our diets. Because the growing trend has been for us to keep fresh foods, we have broken that trend. Now if we ever find ourselves in a situation that this supply chain is broken, we will be subject to starvation. The good news is that there are simple things that we can do to prepare for occasions like this.

Canned foods and meat are a simple way that we can ensure that we have food in times of distress. At one point many homes canned fresh produce for long winters, as our farming methods advanced, and we started using desert areas to grow in our off-season, these techniques have been lost. There are however many companies that still produce canned vegetables and meat. Items like Tuna, Salmon, Corn, and Beans are all great sources of nutrition and readily available in the food isle of your supermarket.

For a more stable source of food, there are many options when it comes to freeze-dried food. You can find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that have been prepared and packaged using this system of food preservation. There are even full meals that you just need to add water, they taste great and will last for twenty years or more.

With our ever changing planet you can find many reasons to invest in food storage. For every reason you find, there are interesting ways to invest in your security. Without being caught up in the hype associated with the upcoming predictions, it makes sense to store enough food and water for a disaster. Even if the world doesn’t end and you just have a long winter, or a time when work is in short supply, having some extra food in the house in an investment you won't regret.

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