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Fitness & Health Jennifer Aniston Style

Interviewer:  You look fabulous!  What do you do to keep in shape?
Jennifer Aniston:  I work out 5-7 days a week, doing at least 40 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, elliptical, or spin machine. I compliment my cardio heavy routine with one day of Pilates and three days of Yoga. Every night before bed I stretch and do sit-ups. As for my diet I usually eat fish, green vegetables, and quinoa.

Creating Conversation & New Friendships Talking about fitness & health is quite common in casual conversation.  If you are a fitness and health-oriented person, this is a great topic.  It is also a great way to strike up a conversation to meet new people. 
Like the interviewer, start with a compliment and then ask the fitness question.  Most people will respond positively and tell you about their health and fitness efforts.  If you have similar interests, ask to work out with them.  I personally find working out with people a great way to get to know someone.  You often have lots o…

How to Beat the Heat Celebrity Style!

Summer is officially here to stay and people are trying to ‘beat the summer heat’!  Let’s check out some of the ways the stars are keeping cool.
Activities to Beat the Summer Heat Celebrity Style!

Have a Popsicle or some ice cream!

Show some leg! Get a short hair cut for the summer!
Hit (hit = go to) the beach!
Grab a cool drink from Starbucks.

Rock a hat!

Go to the pool.

Now, how are you going to beat the heat?  What is your favorite way to cool off on a hot summer day?   Feel free to post your ideas below!

 Bonus! With this feature, I added some extra conversational vocabulary that can be

Celebrity Tattoos Picture

Hot and Sexy Celebrity Tattoos Picture.
Hot and Sexy Celebrity Tattoos Picture
Hot and Sexy Celebrity Tattoos Picture Hot and Sexy Celebrity Tattoos Picture Hot and Sexy Celebrity Tattoos Picture Hot and Sexy Celebrity Tattoos Picture

Whoever is Kim Kardashian? i hear she is pregnant? and does she play Warhammer 40k?


Fantasy Celebrity wargamers: Selena Gomez

Hi all, in another exciting edition of "Fantasy Celebrity Wargamers" we are going to pick Justin biebers little hang on girlfriend, Selena Gomez

"Who the hell is she?" you may ask, and i would join you in asking such a question, well apparently shes Justin biebers girlfriend.. (how anyone puts up with that little twat is anyones guess) and i hear shes sings bit, badly.

So on that note heres her fantasy wargamer bio.

What system does Selena Gomez  play?:
Selena Gomez plays Warhammer 40k Yay!

What army does Selena Gomez play?
Selena Gomez plays lots of armies! she always flits to whatever army is currently best in the Meta scene, of course she has never lost a battle to Vanessa Hugdens imperial guard, but thats a story for another day!

What other systems or armies would Selena Gomez like to collect in the future?
Selena Gomez only wants to play whatever army is considered best!

Thats it from Selena Gomez

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Celebrity Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine's Day or the more common name Valentine’s Day! Feb. 14 - Every year!  A day that makes people do crazy things to show that they love someone.  It's good that it only comes around once a year!
Well let’s take a look at some celebrity styles from the past!
Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez  Valentine’s Day Gift: Bought out an entire florist shop of roses, tulips and daisies for Selena - $2000

Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt Valentine’s Day Gift: 200-year-old olive tree - $19,000
Jay Z to Beyonce  Valentine’s Day Gift: Platinum covered mobile phone - $24,000

George Clooney to Sarah Larson  Valentine’s Day Gift: Expensive Hotel, show and dinner - $40,000

Katy Perry to Russell Brand Valentine’s Day Gift: Bentley automobile - $341,000

David Beckham to Victoria Beckham  Valentine’s Day Gift: Bvlgari necklace and dinner made by her favorite chefs - $8 million

What is the best Valentine's Day Gift you ever got?

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For this week, everyone will be talking about Valentine’s…

rhiannas tattoos

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I don't really know if it is fits with the rest of this guys tattoos,

Usually when two people have matching tattoos and are staying in the same

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