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Showcase: Tyranid Warriors.

Tyranid Warriors.  Hey people, i'm almost at the end of the "old" circa 2007-2008 era showcases, I think trheres a couple more Imperial Fist Units, and then a couple of oddities, this is one of them.

My old Tyranid Warriors.

These guys were going to be the start of an army of tyranids. The colour scheme i went with in the end was black and pink. (based on an old car engine i saw in a magazine once!)

Anyway, i hope you like them!

Do you paint Tyranids? How did you pick your colour scheme?
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Top 5 Space Marine Tanks.

 The Top 5 Space Marine Tanks.
Hey everyone, its time for another top-5 rundown. Today its the top5 Space Marine Tanks!
This time i thought i would allow forge world models into the count..
#5: Deimos Pattern Rhino.

I do not know about you guys but I think this model is 1000 times better than the standard Games Workshop Rhino, and they havn't changed all that much to do it! a great model and I am sure you will agree.

#4:Deimos Pattern Predator.

Just like the Deimos pattern Rhino above, i think this is a brilliant effort from the Forge World team. They have taken a very plain and basic, almost toy like kit in the original Predator, and adapted it into this lovely piece. Some say it looks a little silly with an almost Dalek like turret, but i still say its awesome!

#3: Space Marine Vindicator.

With that Huge cannon up front and that huge dozer blade, this thing just screams BEAST, its a combination of those two things that make this look very imposing. Take away the Dozer blade and it does…

So You Want a Career In The Video Game Industry?

Careers in Gaming
 Hi guys, here is a guest post which i know a lot of you fellow geeks will find VERY interesting, this is written by a fellow named Aaron Walker.

DualShock 3 - Red & Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Those of us at a certain age may remember being warned by our parents that 'video game tester' isn't a real job. These days, not only is the generation gap slowly disappearing when it comes to video games, but there are also more career options in the gaming industry than ever before. Whether your skills lean towards programming, marketing or story design, if you're a video game enthusiast, there's a good chance a career in the industry might be right for you.

According to the Entertainment Software Association, the video game industry was a $24.5 billion a year business in 2011. CNBC reports that, in America, "there are more than 32,000 people directly employed by publishers and developers," and that, "on average, industry employees rece…

Write For Us!

Do you have an article locked away in that brain of yours that you want to share with the world? do you have a Rant about the latest 40k release but do not want the bother of setting up a blog to get it out there? Maybe you have an incredible painting tutorial you just HAVE to share..

Well worry no more! as of now we are taking submissions from people who would like to post an article either as one off's, a regular section or perhaps as guest posts from other blogs authors.

So if you have something you want posted then contact us at the following E-Mail Address: (Change the -at- to @) and we will do our best to get it out there (Providing it isnt overly scandalous!) As soon as we can.

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Golden Demon 1988: Single Conversion Category.

 Golden Demon 1988: Single Conversion Category.
Hi guys, after the success of the last retro Golden Demon post Here (The Vehicle conversion and scratchbuilt category) I thought i would show you some more.

This evening i will be showing you the "Single Conversion Category" To be honest i think this just means Single miniature conversion.

Anyway here we go!

#Honourary Mention: Adrian Seller's Eldar Dreadnought (Now referred to as a WraithLord?)

 Wow what a beast, i think this might be a harlequin version! look at that freehand, and who is he supposed to be? Fred Estare??

#3  "Mauron The Green" by Mark Delicata.

I'm not sure what the hell this thing is myself, its a large dragon with a couple of skeletal familiars reading a spell or something. Its interesting if anything...

#2 Daniek Nazer's Beastman?

I'm convinced this is a Beastman, although, i could be wring! knowing GW in the 80's this could easily be a space marine. Really. I like the work on the base…

The Top 5 Phillip K. Dick Movies

The Top 5 Phillip K. Dick Movies
Guest post by Lovereading.
        Hi guys, we all know how various Sci-Fi movies influence many of our favorite companies miniatures or even have games based on them, ie Tyranids are based of the classic Giger Xenomorphs, and Fantasy flights X-Wing game is based on the Star Wars movie itself.

   Sadly i dont think any of the Phillip K Dick Movies have inspired many games yet? Lets have a Top-5 run down of those movies based off his books, this could give us an idea of what we would like to see, or will see, in the future!

Widely acknowledged as one of sci-fi's most important figures, Philip K. Dick wrote 44 novels and over 100 hundred short stories. Unsurprisingly the success of his literary work did not go unnoticed by Hollywood and a lot of his work was developed into films for the big screen. Here is a selection of five of the very best.

#5: Total Recall: The film adaptation of the Dick's short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale is one …

New X-Wing Board, Scenery Ideas and Purchases.

 New X-wing board Scenery project.
X-wings with their s-foils locked in attack position as they assault the Death Star in A New Hope (1997 Special Edition) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hi guys, you probably saw my finished x-wing space board HERE but it looks a little plain.. what it really needs is some scenery.

In the basic core game box for X-Wing, you get some card cut out asteroids, which IMO dont cut it in a 3d miniatures game so what we need are 3d pieces!

Thus what i have done is purchased some interesting things, Heres what i picked up:

In this little lot is a few polystyrene balls to make asteroids and of course, The Death Star (obviously not in scale!) and a few asteroids (Theres some big balls not shown in the picture)
What i am looking forward to is making a wrecked YT-1300 out of the millenium falcon kit, this thing is ALMOST the same scale as X-wing. I think its at 1/230 and x-wing is 1/250.

I look forward to getting this going.

More photos as i get cracking!

Have you made any scen…

Star Wars X-Wing: Starfield Board.

 Star Wars X-Wing: Starfield Board.

Hi guys, Today i built a new X-wing board, after buying some more "pets"

 This ones a "Weather Loach" and i thought it would be a lazy beast, sadly its the fastest thing ever when it comes out and i struggled to take photos... unlike this lazy sod.

Anyway! as its taking me a year and a day to produce my Hoth themed battle board, i thought i would knock out a quick and easy Star Field Board for my X-Wing games. People are fed up of flying over the wooden table top!

Luckily i managed to produce this with only bits i had laying about so it was super cheap, and super easy, not to mention super fast!

Heres how i made it.
Firstly i Aquired 2 sheets of thin board that when laid together would provide a 36"x36" playing board which is the standard size for X-Wing games.

The two boards, when laid together look like this:

 I then dug out an old tin of cheap automotive spray paint!

 I used the spray to give each board a light dusting befor…

Unboxing: Talisman, The Highlands Expansion.

 Unboxing: Talisman, The Highlands Expansion. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, i thought it was high time i got this unboxing done. ive had the photos on my hard drive for a good couple of weeks and feel i need to get it out there!

Talisman: The Highlands expansion (Photo credit: semihundido) Lets begin!

Here we can see the entire contents of the box. Dont ever forget you get the Fantasy Flight game mini catalogue! it shows more interesting games! Everythings really nicely packed in. even the inside of the box looks good with the purple monotone effect.
 Heres the extension board piece itself. For some reason blogger decides its a good idea to flip my phots vertically. today its done it a couple of times again.. If anyone can tell me why, and how to remedy it, i would be most appreciative. The board itself looks good, the artwork as per usual with this game is AMAZING.

 Here we have the 3 alternative ending cards provided with the game (Albeit upside down..) Theres the hand of doom, Battle Royale …