Ghostbusters 2 on the amiga scared the shit out of me!

 Hi guys, another slightly off topic post but i had to share this with someone.

When i was a lad Ghostbusters 2 came out.  I proceeded to buy the game for my then Awesome Commodore 64..

it was crap.

My mate however got it on his Atari ST and being the next gen to mine, it seemed all kinds of awesome!

However, in the intro sequence there was one picture that scared the hell out of me, possibly due to the accompanying music..

anyway heres the picture.

Now what the hell are we looking at???

We can quite clearly see Dana Barrett (sigourney Weaver) looking a little scared, and what I thought looked a hell of a lot like some Ghostly monster attacking her! even though i KNEW AT THE TIME it was meant to be her baby Oscar...

Heres the Youtube video of the amiga version if you want to feel my fear!

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