Showcase: Imperial Fist Scouts With Sniper Rifles.

 Imperial Fist Space Marine Scouts With Sniper Rifles.

Hi guys, Today i have managed to dig out some interesting old pictures from my old Imperial fist army dating back to around 2007-2008ish.

Todays showcase will be my old Sniper scouts. I had 3 units of these, each consisting of 5 space marine scouts each. I remember them performing rather well on the tabletop, back in the days where Sniper rifles only required a 2 to hit! Sadly now these same guys would only hit on their ballistic skill, not quite as good!

Sadly these are another set of models that got sold off, i think these ones almost paid for my newest guitar (My Epiphone [Sadly not a Gibson] Les Paul Custom)

I wonder where these guys are now, probably ended up in someones car boot selection or maybe smashed up by someones small children.
Let me know what you think of them.

 Have you ever sold off old models and regretted it?

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