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X-Wing:Secondary Weapon Systems- Proton Torpedoes

X-Wing:Secondary Weapon Systems- Proton Torpedoes Hi guys, i felt you all needed to see this, this is originally from Clint over at the the metal so all credit goes to him for this!

Proton Torpeodes (4)
Attack Dice: 4
Range: 2-3
Card Text: Spend your Target Lock and discard this card to perform this attack. You may change one of your <eyeball> results to a <crit>.
Usage: Doesn’t dovetail quite as nicely with Focusing as Concussion Missiles, but the built-in, one-die Focus to get a crit is a nice touch especially since you don't always have the luxury of waiting around a for another turn to pick up a Focus token to use along with the (pre-existing) Target Lock.

There’s a lot of debate (mostly anecdotal evidence vs. statistical math) on whether or not PTs are worth it. Here’s my take- if you value having a 4-dice attack at Range 3 (again- that the victim does not receive an extra Defense die for), then you should take some PTs. If you don’t, then you pr…

Kevin Sorbo A World Fit For Kids!

In case you missed the earlier interviews with Kevin Sorbo, here are the links:

Part One Link  Kevin Sorbo An Extraordinary Man!

Part Two Link Kevin Sorbo on an ExtraordinaryJourney!

Part 3 Interview Alex Graham:  Despite a hectic work and life schedule, you have been personally involved in numerous charitable causes over the years and specifically inA World FitFor Kids!, Can you tell me what a World Fit For Kids means to you?

Kevin Sorbo:  Hercules became huge!  By 1996 we had beat Bay Watch as the most watched show in the world!  I am on the other side of the world in New Zealand and all of a sudden I am getting inundated with all these…you know it made people pay attention a little bit more. So Make a Wish, Pediatric Aids, all these really good foundations came to me and said that we would like you to be our spokesperson.  But I knew people, bigger names then myself that were already doing that kind of stuff. 

So I said to my manager, 
“Find me something that’s an at school program!”
I w…

Kevin Sorbo on an Extraordinary Journey!

Part Two  “THE REAL HOLLYWOOD”  and the critically acclaimed film “ABEL’S FIELD”
For those of you who missed Part One True Strength with Kevin Sorbo, here is the 
LINKPart One Kevin Sorbo an Extraordinary Man!
Alex:  In your Book True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal–and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life. you are very candid about Hollywood.  Moreover, I see a theme of mentorship running through your life but I will touch on that in Part Three A WORLD FIT FOR KIDS!

Alex:  What do you see as the biggest misconception about the acting industry in Hollywood?
Kevin Sorbo:
"The biggest misconception…the biggest misconception is that Hollywood is fair and Hollywood is tolerant."
You know what it is, it is weird!  It is run by a bunch of “suits”.  You know in reality they don’t care about there actors.  They can pretend they do, they love the industry of it all, they love the business of it all, but on the flip side of it all there a lot of frustrated people on the o…

Getting A Car Loan Is Not Much Of A Big Deal Nowadays

By Amy Lewis :) 
Most people would have loved to get their hands driving a car while still young but because of the age limit in driving and the strict laws regarding underage driving, we get to own a car much later in our life. But that is for the good of everyone, you can’t go driving without a license for a reason and that is to prevent unnecessary accidents on the road. Still the age limit for driving does not prevent someone from planning on getting a car ahead. If you’re a business minded person then getting a transport long before you get into any business is a priority, so that right after you graduate you can have that car ready and of use. 
Getting a car loan is not much of a big deal nowadays like it was years ago, so long as you have good credit reputation you can get your can of choice and pay for it monthly without any hassle firsthand. Although you need to be responsible in your monthly payment there is that allowed miss in your monthly loon pay but that shouldn’t be ab…

Kevin Sorbo An Extraordinary Man!

Kevin Sorbo is an Extraordinary Actor  on an Extraordinary Journey!
Hollywood Actor, Author, Director, Family man and whole lot more!  Celebrity English is truly excited to present a 3-Part Feature on Kevin Sorbo!   
Kevin talks to Celebrity English about his inspirational book TRUE STRENGTH, “THE REAL HOLLYWOOD”, the critically acclaimed film ABEL’S FIELD, and his wonderful charity foundation A WORLD FIT FOR KIDS

Part One Kevin Sorbo Talks about True Strength

Alex Graham: Good morning Kevin Sorbo!
Kevin Sorbo:  Hello Alex.  Whenever you are ready!
Alex Graham: Great! I am just going to dive into it!Today we are talking about Kevin Sorbo’s inspirational book
True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal–and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life

In part of the title for your inspirational and motivational book you wrote,
…“and - How Nearly Dying Saved My Life”.
Can you tell us more about that time in your life?
Kevin Sorbo:  It was the end of season five. You know I lived in New Zea…