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All's not well with Gold?

By Smoking Gun

At the time of writing, gold is trading below 1200. Why the sudden exodus from the yellow metal? It seems that all seemingly good news for gold has been ignored while every little bits of adverse news for gold has been reason for bears to double down their short bets and shoot down gold to bits.

Even this obscure piece of research which first appeared a  year ago by an even more obscure business professor who argues that the fair price of gold should be trading closer to its "fair value" of USD800/oz has now caught on fire with the gold bears.

Below is a reproduction of the news article;

KITCO NEWS INTERVIEW: Gold Prices Could Tumble Further -- Duke Professor
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(Kitco News) - Gold prices fell to roughly $1,220 an ounce Wednesday, nearly a three-year low, and further downside may be possible for the metal. That downside could be a longer-term move for gold, too, as the metal may be moving back to its fair value, according to Campbell Harvey, p…

Are Millennials Trendsetters?

This week Celebrity English is thrilled to have the amazing DONTE CALARCOof the HOUSE of SQUIRRELS as a guest feature writer! The House of Squirrelsis an American lifestyle brand about sharing recipes, style ideas, beauty secrets, wellness tips, and so much more.  This outstanding, ‘highly-sought-after’ Fashionista also writes for Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines and recently worked the Oscar Red Carpet for OMG Insider!

Are Millennials Trendsetters? by Donte Calarco of the House of Squirrels
When I was asked to write about the Millennial Generation's fashion sense, I first had to figure out what defines a Millennial and if I were one? As I was doing my research I took this online survey that determines if you are a true Millennial or not. The big reveal is at the end of the post.

Millennials are typically born between 1977-2000, and make up for 25 % of the US population. 105 million Millennials are spending money on consumer products and making up a big portion setting the…

Showcase: Carcharodons Forge World Air Defence Platform.

Hi guys, sorry its been a while, ive a lot on again!

anyway, i finally finished tehe air defence platform! i hope you like it!

Yet again ive made another video to go with this, ket me know what you think!


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Money Saving Tips (Easy Ways :)

In this scenario where economic crisis is affecting almost every country, money saving has become of great importance and has brought the eyes of many an individual towards it. Having some money saved in your kitty keeps you confident and ready for any urgency. Money saving is considered as a hectic task but if you follow some tips, you can save enough of it. Here are some money saving tips:

Tax relief benefits assist in your money saving plan. If you are widowed, unemployed or disabled, you are entitled to have the tax reliefs for social welfare. In such a case, you can contact Revenue Site, the Department of Social and Family Affairs or the Citizens Information Center in such a situation.In case you have any unwanted subscription services, like if you signed up to a trial service by a TV channel and you are now paying for a full service, cancel that unwanted subscription. Many such offers come up with automatic update to a full time service. Make sure before subscribing for any such …

Leah Marie Trogan is Ready For Love!

NBC’s Leah Marie Trogan is back and  READY FOR LOVE!
This week in a Celebrity English Exclusive powerhouse Leah Marie Trogan talks Make Up, NBC reality dating series READY FOR LOVE, the Tim Lopez Relationship, and the Future!
Make Up Artist Extraordinaire!
Alex Graham:  Please, tell me a bit about yourself.
Leah Marie Trogan:  Well I am a single mother that is very blessed.  Everyday I have this amazing, wonderful little boy that looks up to me and every day I just want to give him the world.  Also, I have always been a very career oriented person and they call me a ‘powerhouse’. I don’t give up on anything!  I have been a make up artist, I think, ever since I popped out of my mother’s womb hahaha...
Alex: Hahaha…
Leah: I like literally came out with brushes in hand and ready to roll!
Alex:  Hahaha…That’s great! Are you still doing that professionally?
Leah: Yes I am actually. It is something I have always loved and wanting to do. I am an international make up artist for Bobbi Brown …