An Introduction to My Blog

By Smoking Gun

Dear readers

I made my first trade at the age of 16, using my mom's account to buy and sell shares (with her approval of course). By the time I turned 21, I had made a small fortune, even before graduation. I really had only one desire then, which was to finish my degree in double quick time, land a job with a stock broker, any one for that matter and indulge in my one true passion, dealing and trading stocks. As I was spoilt with trading success from an early age, coupled with good grades from school, I was lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that I knew quite a lot about the stock market. Boy, was I wrong... and had to work my ass off for a long time to get myself back in shape. That was 20 years ago, and I have been involved in equity markets since in many incarnations first as an analyst, a corporate dealer, a corporate financier and lastly as a fund manager, basically progressing from one end of the telephone to the other end. Funny how things turn out. From receiving orders to barking out the orders. Just how ironic can that be?   

In the past, I have had many an inclination to write about my experiences and my thoughts on the financial markets but I have always had the convenient reason to put off for some reason or another... baby coming along, new job, familial commitments, work commitments etc.

So here I am. Finally taking the first baby steps in blogging.

My posts would center around Singapore equities, and once in a while, I will also document my thoughts on global, regional or industry specific issues. As this is a financial blog, I would try to remain apolitical but those who know me knows that I am a Liberal at heart but political leanings aside, I will try to tell it as it is.

My trading methodology is based mainly on the trading system, which I use in conjunction with my assessment on the general sentiment and overall direction of the stock markets. 

As my postings may be irregular due to family and work commitments, I will be inviting prominent guest bloggers such as Salvador Dali of to offer some insights into regional or global issues on this blog. Dali is one of the most followed financial bloggers in Malaysia who happens to be my very old friend, colleague and for many years, my mentor as well. I am sure you would find his insights enlightening, humorous and sarcastic/cynical, in most instances all at once. In fact, the name of my blog was totally inspired by his own blog, might as well, since we are talking about mostly the same stuff, just in different markets.

Finally, I hope that my blog can be a forum for like-minded investors and traders to share their thoughts and comments, and hopefully benefit from the interaction and the exchange of thoughts.

Thank you and remember to stay sharp and disciplined.

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