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Inside Celebrity Halloween!

Halloween is back!  On October 31 people will be out in full force celebrating this time honored night of fun!  Let's see what the Celebrities have been up to!

Preparing for Halloween…
~Heidi Klum‘s Decorating Style~

“We go all out decorating our house,” she adds. “There are spider webs and skeletons and pumpkins in every corner. They have picked out their costumes already but we like to keep them secret.” “I think I have passed on my love for Halloween to my kids.” 

 ~Tori Spelling DIY Everything~

Reality star Tori Spelling and well known for her role in  Beverly Hills, 90210 loves to “DIY everything” with her four kids! “We DIY everything in our family and we make our own costumes every year,” the alumni adds. “We are working on the costumes right now, working on the pumpkins, and decorating the house,  and then we will go trick-or-treating.”
Went to…
‘Gravitiy’ star Sandra Bullock attended her son’s  Halloween School Party!

Brazilian super model Alessandra Ambrosio and family went to the …

The Amazing Scott Schmaren Transforming Lives!

Celebrity Scott Schmaren is a Visionary Change Facilitator, Speaker, Writer, Coach, Author and more!
Scott has Co-Authored a best selling book called "Stepping Stones to Success"  along with other amazing writers such as Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley.  Scott has also been on the enormously, well loved TV Talk Show OprahWinfrey!  
Let’s find out a bit more about Scott and his Dream.  Here is Scott Schmaren in Action at a recent inspirational seminar! 
  I have a Dream...

Alex Graham:  Wonderful Video!  And to give you a bit more background, Scott Schmaren is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified NLP Practitioner.  Scott has spent over 20 years learning powerful success technologies.
Alex:  Scott, you Co-Authored a book called "Stepping Stones to Success" with other amazing writers such as Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley.  

And now you are going to be releasing:
  “Your Ultimate Visionary Mind: Transforming  Your Life i…

Alex Graham Interviews Nick Tesi of TNG Visual Effects!

This week Celebrity English is thrilled to present Nick Tesi of TNGVisual Effects. Nick Tesi is a leading expert implementing the latest technology in the field of 3D Scanning for movies, video games, TV shows, commercials and so much more! Having worked with the biggest names in the industry, Nick Tesi is the Best of the Best!

Alex Graham: Please tell us a bit about yourself and TNG Visual Effects.

Nick Tesi: I came from the area of selling hardware and software to the 3D graphics arena based on PC work stations, and in their earlier days based on silicon graphics work stations.  From there I went into motion capture. I was with the first motion capture facility in Los Angeles and we were doing a lot of work in the gaming arena, if you will, and then from there I moved into 3D scanning. 

"I was one of the earliest people in that as well. I try to stay on the leading edge, or as some people call the  bleeding edge of technology."
Then prior to coming into TNG, prior to 2010, I r…