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All's not well with Gold?

By Smoking Gun

At the time of writing, gold is trading below 1200. Why the sudden exodus from the yellow metal? It seems that all seemingly good news for gold has been ignored while every little bits of adverse news for gold has been reason for bears to double down their short bets and shoot down gold to bits.

Even this obscure piece of research which first appeared a  year ago by an even more obscure business professor who argues that the fair price of gold should be trading closer to its "fair value" of USD800/oz has now caught on fire with the gold bears.

Below is a reproduction of the news article;

KITCO NEWS INTERVIEW: Gold Prices Could Tumble Further -- Duke Professor

(Kitco News) - Gold prices fell to roughly $1,220 an ounce Wednesday, nearly a three-year low, and further downside may be possible for the metal.
That downside could be a longer-term move for gold, too, as the metal may be moving back to its fair value, according to Campbell Harvey, professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, who has done academic research regarding the value of gold.
Harvey’s research puts the long-term fair value of gold at $800 an ounce, which is about $400 an ounce lower than current prices.
Fair value is “an average, so to get to the average, there are prices above and below it. We’ve been above it for a number of years,” Harvey told Kitco News.
That means there is “considerable downside here,” Harvey said, given that prices don’t necessarily go to fair value and sit there.
Gold has a tendency to be very volatile in the short-term, but is a good store of value in the long-term, he said, with “long-term” defined by centuries.
In a research paper he published along with Claude Erb, the two authors looked at the accuracy of some commonly held beliefs about gold. Using examples through history, Harvey and Erb showed that gold can be a good store of value in the extreme long term, but is too volatile to be a reliable inflation hedge for most people’s investing time frame. Those are two of the top reasons people hold gold in their portfolios.
In one example, the authors compared the salary of a Roman centurion to the annual salary of a U.S. Army captain, and found that the annual pay is almost similar. A U.S. Army captain makes about $46,000 a year, while a Roman centurion received the equivalent of 38.58 ounces of gold annually.  Using the current $1,220 an ounce as a price, 38.58 ounces comes out to be about $47,000.
The salary comparisons were the most interesting part of their research, Harvey said, and it shows that gold is a good store of value over thousands of years. The problem is, no one lives that long.
He was quick to point out, however, that he is not anti-real assets investing. Specifically, he said a diversified portfolio of real assets, which can include gold, helps to offset unexpected spikes in inflation. He said owning a commodity index will do a better job than holding just gold.
“I have absolutely no problem whatsoever in having a diversified portfolio that contains some gold. Yes, if you had a lot of time to figure out which commodity is above or below fair value, (it would be better) but most people don’t have that luxury,” he said.
His point was that owning a single commodity to hedge against inflation, in this case gold, is not unlike owning a single stock and calling it a diversified equities portfolio.
Their original research paper was published a year ago, but since gold’s price plunge the research paper picked up more interested readers, he said, and is the most downloaded paper of his 20-plus year career. He and Erb updated their paper in May to include new research, including a look at different examples of how gold reacts during many hyperinflation environments.
They studied 56 different countries that experienced hyperinflation in the 20th century to document gold’s effectiveness as a hedge during those times. They concluded it depended on how gold was trading globally at that time as to whether it was a good inflation hedge.
While many point to Germany’s Weimar Republic during 1922-23 as the ultimate example of rampant inflation, there are more recent examples to consider, he said. One case is Brazil from 1980-2000. During those 20 years, the average annual inflation rate was about 250%, Harvey and Erb’s research stated.
For investors who stashed cash under a mattress, those people lost 99.97% of the value of that currency because of multiple devaluations and changes in the currency. Brazilians who bought gold and held it for those 20 years saw the real price metal lose 70% of its value, according to the IMF’s measure of Brazilian inflation, Harvey said.

“Note, this is not a short horizon situation; this was 20 years…. You would have been far better off rolling over your money in interest-bearing deposits. You would have still lost, but you wouldn’t have lost 70%. Of course there would be some risk of default,” Harvey said.
Brazil’s situation shows that gold did not perform the way most people expect gold would have acted during hyperinflation, he said. The South American country’s hyperinflation coincided with gold’s global price decline, which he said underscores how volatile the gold price is, even over the span of 20 years. Had Brazil’s hyperinflation occurred at another time, the outcome would have been different.
“If the Brazilian hyperinflation would have been from 2000 to 2013, gold would have been fabulous, even with the current price break. It would have looked great,” Harvey said.
While the Brazilian example is one of gold not performing as expected during hyperinflation, some other countries that experienced hyperinflation when gold prices were rising made the metal look like a good hedge. Harvey said that inconsistency proves his point.
“How gold acts is highly dependent upon the actual hyperinflation period. Because gold is so volatile it would be an unreliable hedge for regular unexpected inflation and hyperinflation,” he said.
My take on this is that this article is blah as it fails to account for the costs of extracting the finite precious metal from the ground. All it does is to debunk the hypothesis that gold is a inflation hedge. Whatever has been said about gold, it is probably one of the most unreliable inflation hedges around.. If someone did a paper comparing the price of gold and the relationship with the costs of extracting gold over time, that may be more meaningful but I doubt that such datas would exist as the only meaningful data would be recent times, and especially when gold prices were kept artificially low when governments banned the individual ownership of gold in the not to distant times. While it is true that during times of irrationality and market panic, prices may go below the cost of production, as experienced by other asset classes such as soft commodities and even real estate (during property busts, property prices are often below replacement costs) but this values wont be permanent as there wont be any profit seeking enterprise willing to produce at below marginal costs levels.
A colleague sent me this chart below today which is self explanatory. Over the past 6 years, gold prices have always trended above their marginal cash costs. During the height of the global financial crisis, gold prices tumbled just above the marginal cash costs before rebounding and resuming its upward trend. 
Some may argue that gold does not have industry use value and basically its the most useless of all metals except as a store of value and inflation hedge. With the perceived opportunity costs of holding the metal rising, it makes the bears' case compelling. Yes, there is a case for further weakness in prices, but in my opinion, the price has been too severely battered to warrant for this swift and sudden fall from grace. Look, no one's going to produce any gold if the cash costs are higher than spot prices. You are probably looking at marginal players shutting up shop altogether and the majors hoarding gold. Take that physical supply out of the equation and you may see a lack of sellers at this levels. The investment demand for gold only represent probably around 20% of the total demand for gold. As it stands, most of those who wants out has already done so. The bottom should be not far away from here. The world economy is still not out of the woods yet, the US may look better, but the economy is not as robust as it looks, external black swans abound... Eurozone, China may pull it back down, so the easing conditions should remain for a bit longer. If the Feds wants to pull the plug on the QE, they will... but they just won't tell you exactly when.. the worst thing for them to do is to pussy foot ala Japan, which hasn't really wised up to its past follies... as demonstrated by Abe's super-push only to now hold its horses and resume its very Japan-like attitude of waiting and seeing and wait a bit ah..


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Are Millennials Trendsetters?

Donte Calarco of the House of Squirrels
This week Celebrity English is thrilled to have the amazing DONTE CALARCO of the HOUSE of SQUIRRELS as a guest feature writer! The House of Squirrels is an American lifestyle brand about sharing recipes, style ideas, beauty secrets, wellness tips, and so much more.  This outstanding, ‘highly-sought-after’ Fashionista also writes for Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines and recently worked the Oscar Red Carpet for OMG Insider!

Are Millennials Trendsetters?
by Donte Calarco of the House of Squirrels

When I was asked to write about the Millennial Generation's fashion sense, I first had to figure out what defines a Millennial and if I were one? As I was doing my research I took this online survey that determines if you are a true Millennial or not. The big reveal is at the end of the post.

Millennials are typically born between 1977-2000, and make up for 25 % of the US population. 105 million Millennials are spending money on consumer products and making up a big portion setting the precedent for one of our biggest industries, Fashion.  Last year, Millennial spent $200 billion, and with their influence over their parents (mostly Boomers) Millennials’ spending reached up to $500 billion a year. (Source: Millennial Marketing)

Rihanna is one of the most powerful Millennials of her generation. At the age of 25 and over 30 million twitter followers, Rihanna has influence on fashion and what Millennials will be wearing. Boyfriend jeans are all the rave and haven’t stopped since they came out on the fashion scene a few years back. Rihanna shown below in London, is rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans with a Stella McCartney top and heels. What would our Boomer parents think of our ripped jeans with a designer top and heels? I can speak to this personally that they think we don’t have enough money to fix our pants. My Dad has no idea why we want to wear ripped jeans. If Rihanna does it that makes it okay, right?

Rihanna_boyfriend jeans_Stella McCartney top

Boyfriend jeans worn a couple different ways by the most influential generation to date.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans_millennial model

Another influential Millennial is our girl next door Country Pop Singer, Taylor Swift.  Taylor is 24 years old and has over 29 million twitter followers. Her style is more preppy/chic with an influence of the 50′s girl. Back when our parents were growing up stripes were considered part of a uniform, now it is a huge fashion trend. Taylor has a powerful platform to influence her fans, and when she wears stripes this equates to girls running to their local Gap or J Crew!

Taylor Swift fashion

Millennial Girls showing us how to wear stripes!

Millennial Girls wearing stripes

Millennial model wearing stripes

Then there is Kristen Stewart. Kristen has single handily brought back the casual look with a touch of grunge and made it look cool. Kristen also has made wearing sneakers with everything a fashion trend. Converse has seen a huge revival and people are wearing them with everything…no matter the occasion! Another fashion statement my Dad would bark at…Ha!

Kristen Stewart in sneakers

Millennial Models making the “casual look", look sexy!

Millennial Models “casual look"

Tennis shoes with a platform? And with a skirt? So good…but Dad would be eye rolling.

Millennial Model casual

Or the combination of all three: Striped blazer, Boyfriend jeans, and Converse. Wait, this sounds like a Squirrel Girl not a Millennial!

Striped blazer, Boyfriend jeans, and Converse_summer

Now my Millennial test reveal: I failed at being a Millennial by three points….so I will sit happily in my Generation X category.  Besides, I am in the company with one of our style Queens…Ms. Paltrow! GP never disappoints us with her red carpet looks or street style ease. Gwyneth is a style icon of all generations and has a twitter account of over 1.5 million followers…not bad for Gen X’er! 

Gwyneth Paltrow_fashion

 ~Kisses Being Squirrel

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Features & Newsletters, just go to  
"I always get my fashion advice from the House of Squirrels!"
~Alex Graham of Celebrity English~

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Language Learning Section
by Alex Graham of Celebrity English

Natural Language 
 Vocabulary Boost!

Theme: Fashion - Words to know when talking about Fashion!

Instructions:  Write the meaning of the words, expressions, and sentences below.  The answers are below the vocabulary list.

Fashion =

Fashionista =

Millennials =

generation =

consumer products =

influence =

Boyfriend jeans =

all the rave =

fashion scene =

rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans =

Boomer =

a top =

ripped jeans =

a designer top and heels =

preppy/chic =

stripes =

huge fashion trend =

Gap =

J Crew =

casual look =

touch of grunge =

cool =

sneakers =

Converse =

fashion statement =

skirt =

blazer =

Generation X =


Fashion = is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior.

Fashionista = a designer, promoter, or follower of the latest fashions.

Millennials = a person born from 1977-2000, —usually plural.

generation = a group of individuals born and living contemporaneously.

consumer products = Merchandise or other item of common or daily use, ordinarily bought by individuals or households for private consumption. See also consumer goods.

influence = to affect or alter by indirect or intangible means.

Boyfriend jeans = company link

all the rave = very fashionable or stylish;in current fashion; being a current fad.

fashion scene = scene: A place, with the people, objects, and events in it, regarded as having a particular character or making a particular impression.

rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans = rocking: wearing; wearing well and looking great in the clothes.

Boomer = A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic Post–World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

a top = any piece of light clothing worn on the part of the body above the waist.

ripped jeans = see Rihana's picture above.

a designer top and heels = designer or fashion designer: a person who imagines how something could be made and draws plans for it.  heels or high heels: women's shoes in which the heels are raised high off the ground.

preppy/chic = preppy: a young person from a rich family who goes to an expensive school and who wears expensive, tidy clothes. (Clothing & Fashion) characteristic of or denoting a fashion style of neat, understated, and often expensive clothes; young but classic: suggesting that the wearer is well off, upper class, and conservative. chic: Stylishness and elegance, typically of a specified kind.

stripes = see picture of Taylor Swift above wearing a striped top.

huge fashion trend = 'huge' very big; enormous; exceedingly great size, extent, or quantity.

trend: A general tendency or inclination;Current style; vogue (fashion trend).

Gap = company link

J Crew = company link

casual look = casual: informal clothing suited to everyday use (casual outfits).  look: a style.

touch of grunge = touch: a bit of something. grunge: Clothing commonly worn by grunge musicians in Washington State consisted of thrift store items and the typical outdoor clothing (most notably flannel shirts) of the region, as well as a generally unkempt appearance. This [clothing] is cheap, it's durable, and it's kind of timeless. It also runs against the grain of the whole flashy aesthetic that existed in the 80.

cool = great, awesome, neat,(fashionable). sneakers = a type of light, comfortable shoe that is suitable for playing sports,

Converse = company link

fashion statement = Clothes that draw attention to the person who wears them. A message conveyed by clothes: an item of clothing or set of clothes that expresses something about the attitude, point of view, or lifestyle of the wearer.

skirt = a separate free-hanging outer garment or undergarment usually worn by women and girls covering some or all of the body from the waist down.

blazer = a sports jacket often with notched collar and patch pockets.

Generation X = the generation of Americans born in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Showcase: Carcharodons Forge World Air Defence Platform.

 Hi guys, sorry its been a while, ive a lot on again!

anyway, i finally finished tehe air defence platform! i hope you like it!

Yet again ive made another video to go with this, ket me know what you think!


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Carcharodons Forge World Air defence platform.

Carcharodons Forge World Air defence platform.

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Money Saving Tips (Easy Ways :)

In this scenario where economic crisis is affecting almost every country, money saving has become of great importance and has brought the eyes of many an individual towards it. Having some money saved in your kitty keeps you confident and ready for any urgency. Money saving is considered as a hectic task but if you follow some tips, you can save enough of it. Here are some money saving tips:

  • Tax relief benefits assist in your money saving plan. If you are widowed, unemployed or disabled, you are entitled to have the tax reliefs for social welfare. In such a case, you can contact Revenue Site, the Department of Social and Family Affairs or the Citizens Information Center in such a situation.
  • In case you have any unwanted subscription services, like if you signed up to a trial service by a TV channel and you are now paying for a full service, cancel that unwanted subscription. Many such offers come up with automatic update to a full time service. Make sure before subscribing for any such services that it does not cost you more after a specific time period.
  • Sometimes, people duplicate their insurance policies unknowingly. Many insurance policies come with additional benefits like a life insurance package might come with travel insurance or some other policies. Therefore, you need not insure yourself for the same through some other policy. This will save you premiums that you may need to pay for that specific type of insurance.
  • Make sure while making any payment that you are making the cheapest form of payment. Some of the utility companies would offer you discounts if you pay them through debit cards rather than direct cash.
  • Save money invested on phone and electricity bills. There are websites that will help you know how to save money from electricity and phone bills. You can analyze your own needs of these both and use plans that fit you. For an example, if you more often make STD calls, you should opt for a STD pack offered by the carrier provider and save money. Learn electricity saving tips to lower your investment in electricity.
  • Buy stuff online rather than going to a store. Online providers offer you stuff free from retailers charge and many other extra charges. When buying items that need not be examined at the store, like a book, C.D, etc., you can buy them online and you will get them cheap.
  • You can use a spending calculator to know how much you spend each day and how much your budget or your income allows you to do.
  • Avoid wasting money on useless things. If your budget is tight, you should opt for articles that you really need. Do not waste money on luxurious items that are not needed.
  • If you have big debt on your credit card, and you are not able to pay off all those debts on time, you should switch to a zero interest card. Many credit card owners offer you plans under which you can pay interest free debts for a period of 3 moths or 6 months as per their rule. This period is known as grace period and they give you the facility to carry your previous debts to this new credit card.
  • Move back to your parent’s home if you are living on rent. This will save you a huge amount. You may feel in the initial stage that you are losing your privacy in a small place, but then gradually you will get used to it and will love the company of your family members.
  • Make less use of your car. Do not use your car for a kilometer or so and you can rather walk to the place. It will save you petrol as well as keep you healthy and fit.
When buying prescription medicines check for its cost at different pharmaceutical stores and you will probably find a price difference between two. Buy it from the store where you get it the cheapest.

This article has contributed by William a finance blogger, freelancer and copyright editor from NY. Check out my site at

The above article has posted by Amy Lewis, owner of the finance corner. For more details about Amy you can visit her social media profiles in below mentioned urls:




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Leah Marie Trogan is Ready For Love!

 Leah Marie Trogan is Ready For Love!

NBC’s Leah Marie Trogan is back and 

This week in a Celebrity English Exclusive powerhouse Leah Marie Trogan talks Make Up, NBC reality dating series READY FOR LOVE, the Tim Lopez Relationship, and the Future!


Make Up Artist Extraordinaire
Make Up Artist Extraordinaire!

Alex Graham:  Please, tell me a bit about yourself.

Leah Marie Trogan:  Well I am a single mother that is very blessed.  Everyday I have this amazing, wonderful little boy that looks up to me and every day I just want to give him the world.  Also, I have always been a very career oriented person and they call me a ‘powerhouse’. I don’t give up on anything!  I have been a make up artist, I think, ever since I popped out of my mother’s womb hahaha...

Alex:  Hahaha…

Leah:  I like literally came out with brushes in hand and ready to roll!

Alex:  Hahaha…That’s great! Are you still doing that professionally?

Leah:  Yes I am actually. It is something I have always loved and wanting to do. I am an international make up artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics which allows me to travel around, mostly the US, to do a lot of public speaking about Cosmetics for different fashion shows.  It helped me to get ready for NBC’s Ready For Love.  It gave me a bit more boost in confidence prior to speaking in front of the whole world.   
Alex:  What type of client do you deal with?

Leah:  Well in that type of setting there is usually about 1200 women attending my presentations at fashion shows.  However, these fashion shows can be attended by anyone. The audience is filled with all types of people from Homemakers to Bloggers to magazine writers to industry fashion people that are interested in the latest and next cosmetic trends.  You know seeing what is up for the season.  I also do a lot of work with photographers and film people but the majority is fashion oriented. I keep myself very very busy.

On NBC’s Ready For Love 
"Bearing her Heart & Soul"
for the guy she loves!

NBC's Ready For Love Ladies_Leah Trogan
NBC's Ready For Love Official Website
Alex:  Recently you were on the previously popular TV show NBC’s “Ready For Love”, what was that experience like?

Leah:  Well, it was a terrifying experience but also one of the most exhilarating experiences.  It is something that I think everyone should try.

Alex:  My goodness “No!”  I would die on TV in front of all those millions of viewers.  That is why I write hahaha…

Leah:  Hahaha…I know it is insane but you know, you never expect to feel that way but in that moment it is amazing and realize so much about yourself.  I did the show because…you know; I truly had strong, strong, strong feelings for this man.  So it really prompted me to speak. You know if it wasn’t a “Yes”, than at least, I mean I would rather know than to not know with him.  So I went into it knowing that it very well could have gone both ways.  But for me it was more important just to get an answer from him. So many women, I work with a lot of women, go through life without getting there questions answered and a part of their heart stays with this guy that they didn’t work things out with.  You know there is always that question.  And I have such a big heart and I need to have a whole heart when I give it to someone.  And I don’t want there to be any questions or anything hidden that I can’t fully express in my life to someone in the future.  So for me I really new that it was important to get that off of my chest in the biggest way.   

Alex:  Absolutely excellent points you don’t want to be 60 years old plus and wonder “What if”…, “What if”… It drags people down and eats at them over a lifetime.

Leah:  Right.

Alex:  You are a powerhouse! 

Leah:  After I gave birth I felt like I’m amazing but after this show I feel like superwoman.  I can do absolutely anything when I set my mind and hear to something!

Alex:  Good for you!

Alex:  You have already touched on some of this but what does love mean to you? And what made you decide to go on NBC’s dating and reality series?

Leah:  Love to me is completely selfless.  Putting yourself out there for someone else.  You don’t gain anything from it in that you are living your life and loving them without any questions or any expectations.  It’s an unconditional love.  And it is something you don’t think about. You just love them and you just do it for them.

Leah:  And the other one, “What made me do the show?”

Alex:  Yes, is there anything else you wanted to add about going on READY FOR LOVE?

Leah:  It was just something that I had to do.  There was no question I had to do it.  You know a lot of people ask me the question “Why?” you know, you guys live in the same city as him, you have his phone number, you guys have the same group of friends “Why wouldn’t you say it then?”  To me it wouldn’t have made as big of a statement. 

Alex:  Right.

Leah:  And you know that process of getting on a show like that takes months and months and months of flying back and forth to LA.  It is not like OK put your dress on and go up that elevator and say something. 

Alex:  Hahaha.

Leah:  You know you are secluded for 2 weeks without a phone or seeing anyone…it is a crazy process but for me I think Tim really needed to see that and I needed him to know how truly much he meant to me…and to me, there was no other way of doing that.  No other way that would speak louder to him.      

Alex:  I see your point.  That is a heck of statement!

 Leah Marie Trogan Reveals her past 
with guitar player Tim Lopez 
“It takes 2 to tango!”

Alex:  Now, as it turned out you and Tim Lopez have a bit of a past.  And many of your fans and fans of NBC’s READY FOR LOVE are curious about the past.  Would you mind elaborating on your relationship?  We are all dying to know!

Leah: That is always the question. 

Alex:  Yes you already answered it quite well but is there anything else or…

Leah: Tim and I…our relationship was a very fun and flirtatious relationship.

Alex:  Ok.

Leah:  There has been a question that I have been hit up on face book to answer.  And I think that is the one that I will address as far as physicality goes.  I think the most important thing that people need to know is that “I am not like that and neither is Tim”.  People keep asking me or assuming that Tim and I had been sleeping together when he was married.  
We did not!

Alex:  Ok, I see…people are asking or assuming that type of thing.  Ok well to set the record straight then that is completely false. 

Leah:  That is a completely false rumor and no that was not the case.

Alex:  How long did you know Tim?

Leah:  I have known Tim for 6 years.  When Tim and I were in a room together there was a spark.  It was undeniable and everyone including our friends saw it.   But it was just a difficult sort of situation due to the fact that I had dated his best friend. 

Alex:  And his friend…was that a long relationship?

Leah:  It was about a 7-month relationship.

Alex:  I see.  Ok.

Leah:  It wasn’t too long but it was long enough.  But I think it was always an issue and that is understandable.  

But it “takes 2 to tango” and that is all I am going to say…

Alex:  Hahaha…absolutely…hahaha… that is a wonderful way to put it!

Alex:  Is Tim still friends with your ex-boyfriend?

Leah: Oh absolutely.  They are best friends to this day.

Alex:  And are you all still friends or have you just moved on completely?

Leah:  We see each other occasionally but it is not like it was before.  But it’s because I respect him and Jeanna and Tim’s new relationship.  I didn’t really think that Tim would have found love on a show like that but you know I really loved…I really loved all of the girls in my house. And they are all special, individual people.  So I really know that Tim did walk away with a quality girl and I’m OK with that because I really just wanted him to be happy.  As much as I wish it had of been me I am glad he found something real for himself. 

Behind the scenes NBC Ready for love with Bill Rancic!
Behind the scenes NBC Ready For Love with Bill Rancic!

Alex:  Ok, well, I think you have cleared up everything quite nicely.  Now you have moved on, I don’t know your personal situation right now, but for all of those eligible bachelor’s out there, what do you look for in a guy? 

 The Language of Love…

Leah:  I look for someone who likes to “play in the mud”.  I mean, I want someone who likes to have fun and doesn’t care about the superficial things in life.  I am not a person like that.  I don’t get bought.  I like someone who is real.  I enjoy someone who is real.  You know, the first question I ask someone isn’t, “What do you do?”  But “What inspires you?” 

Alex:  Nice!

Leah:  I never ask about jobs because I don’t feel that it is important.  I mean eventually we get into that but I have gone on dates with guys where I don’t find out what they do until 3 weeks after.  And a lot of guys are like “I can’t believe you never asked”.  It is not my concern.

Alex:  All right. For the male readers of Celebrity English, what do men do wrong when trying to date the fairer sex?

Leah:  What do men do wrong…they…

Alex:  I mean you have talked to a lot of women on a regular basis in your work and life and to the ladies on NBC’s Ready For Love who have also obviously thought about love and relationships a lot.  What do you think? 

Leah:  I think the biggest thing, and it is so common, it always comes down to this “communication”.  Men and women are so incredibly different and I think a woman assumes that a man knows how she is feeling and he doesn’t. And I think that they, men, just need to listen a little bit more instead of doing.  I think it could be a lot easier to have a relationship.  Another thing is guys should save something for later.  They don’t need to show all their goods in the beginning.  You know.

Alex:  Aaah yes Guilty in the past!

Leah:  You know slow things down.  Be like in the old fashion days not “old, old fashion” but I mean there needs to be more of that as they say “courting period” where you can really get to know each other.  Because the longer you wait the better the intimate parts are going to be.  If you wait, it will make everything so much better on both ends. 

 The Future - On Fire!

Alex:  Yes, fantastic dating and relationship advice Leah!  So what  is next or what can we look forward to from the super amazing Leah Marie Trogan?  I know recently you did a photo shoot with the superb Angela C. Pacheco and the fabulous LA Dollhouse.  And you were also selected to be the LA Doll for the month of June!

Leah:  Yes.  They made me feel great on the shoot!  The experience of working with them was such an adventure. Everyone was incredibly professional and they bent over backwards to really make sure every photo that was taken, truly was the best look. Such a treat to have had that experience with Angela and Abbi (Abigail Puanani of the LA Dollhouse)! I had a fabulous time with Angela and the LA Dollhouse!  There will definitely be some more modeling in my future!

Alex:  So you are looking forward to more modeling and your career is just flying ahead.  That is great!

Leah:  Yes and I am always looking for more! Make up is such a creative industry and it takes you to so many places.  You know through public speaking and inspiring women feel better about themselves. That is my passion in life!  I love that part about make up.  You can take a whole day of make up and turn into something that can empower women to do things that they didn’t feel confident in doing before.  That is my passion but I always love working on film sets and fashion.  I have plans of moving to LA because there is just so much out there for me.

Alex: Wonderful! 

Leah:  Also, right now I have a few things in the works.  I am going to be doing a couple of music videos where I am the lead girl. It is a lot of fun.  And the future to be continued…

Alex:  How about acting?

Leah:  Well I’m always ready for something new. I love film and I love acting.  I’ve grown to have a big passion for it!   I am always happy to talk to people about make up and film.

Alex:  Any final comments?

Leah:  Well everybody, I am still “LOOKING FOR LOVE!”

Leah Marie Trogan on Fire! LA Dollhouse June
Leah Marie Trogan on Fire!

Alex: Excellent!  Thank you very much for such an awesome interview!  Take care!

Leah:  You too! 

Leah Marie Trogan the whole world knows who you are 
because you are on fire! 
Agency: LA Dollhouse
Model: Leah Marie Trogan
Photographer: Angela Pacheco Photography
Hair & Make Up: Kat Valencia
Stylist: Abbi Puanani
See you next week at Celebrity English!   

And a Big Special Thank You to Angela C. Pacheco of Angela C. Pacheco Photography and Abigail Puanani of the La DollHouse for a wonderful collaborative experience!

Angela C. Pacheco is a LA photo shoot,
life style commercial photographer and videographer. 

LA DollHouse is a premium dance and model talent company.
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Language Learning Section
Natural Language
Vocabulary Boost!

Theme: The Language of Love!

Instructions:  Write the meaning of the words, expressions, and sentences below.  The answers are posted below.

single mom =

a big heart =

to give it (your heart) to someone =

to get that off of my chest =

Love to me is completely selfless =

unconditional love =

relationship =

flirtatious =

“I am not like that and neither is Tim”.  =

sleeping together =

married =

rumor =

When Tim and I were in a room together there was a spark =

I had dated his best friend =

an issue =

It takes 2 to tango =

ex-boyfriend =

best friends =

the superficial things in life =

"What do you do?" =

“What inspires you?” =

communication =

"courting period"  =

intimate =


Answer Ideas 

single mom = A single parent (or solo parent) is a parent, not living with a spouse or partner, who has most of the day-to-day responsibilities in raising the child or children. A single parent is usually considered the primary caregiver, meaning the parent the children have residency with the majority of the time.

a big heart = a very loving person.

to give it (your heart) to someone = to give someone all of your love and trust.

to get that off of my chest = to tell someone about something that has been worrying you or making you feel guilty for a long time.

Love to me is completely selfless = having, exhibiting, or motivated by no concern for oneself; unselfish.

unconditional love = is known as affection without any limitations. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism, complete love, or "mother's/father's love." Each area of expertise has a certain way of describing unconditional love, but most will agree that it is that type of love that has no bounds and is unchanging.

relationship = a romantic or passionate attachment. the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other. 

flirtatious = feeling or showing a sexual attraction for someone that is usually not meant to be taken seriously.

“I am not like that and neither is Tim”.  = when using this expression "S/he not like that", the ‘that’ refers to the topic idea. It is also a general statement about a characteristic of a person that applies to all similar cases. In this case, it refers to the idea of having sexual intercourse while Tim was married.  Leah is stating that she is not the type of person to have a sexual relationship while another person is married. She also states that Tim is not the type of person who has sexual relationships while being married. 

sleeping together = having sexual intercourse.

married = having a husband or wife.

rumor = information or a story that is passed from person to person but has not been proven to be true.

When Tim and I were in a room together there was a spark = a small amount of a quality or intense feeling; a sense of liveliness and excitement. Felt an attraction to each other.

I had dated his best friend = dated (past verb tense) to date someone = an occasion when two people who have or might have a romantic relationship do an activity together.

an issue = problems or concerns.

It takes 2 to tango = It takes two to tango is a common idiomatic expression which suggests something in which more than one person or other entity are paired in an inextricably-related and active manner, occasionally with negative connotations.

The tango is a dance which requires two partners moving in relation to each other, sometimes in tandem, sometimes in opposition.  The meaning of this expression has been extended to include any situation in which the two partners are by definition understood to be essential -- as in, a marriage with only one partner ceases to be a marriage.

ex-boyfriend = a man who is no longer a woman's boyfriend.

best friends = the one friend who is closest to you.

the superficial things in life = superficial = used to describe a quality, characteristic, etc., that can be seen in the outward appearance or manner of something or someone but that is not deep or genuine.

"What do you do?" = What is your job?

“What inspires you?” = to inspire = to influence, move; to spur on: impel, motivate. Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: “his enthusiasm inspired them”.

communication = is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or a group of person.

"courting period"  = the act, period, or art of seeking the love of someone with intent to marry.

intimate = very private; closely personal. Closely acquainted; familiar, close.

LOOKING FOR LOVE = searching for love.